He turned the desert into pools of water and the parched ground
into flowing springs; there he brought the hungry to live
and they founded a city where they could settle. - Psalm 107:35-36 NIV
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Count Your Rainbows by 1 Girl Nation

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Count Your Rainbows
by 1 Girl Nation

Album: 1 Girl Nation
by 1 Girl Nation

Feels like you're all alone
Stuck in these highs and lows
Strapped in a merry-go-round and round in circles
The colors in the sky
Are His promise shining bright
So look for a miracle right around the corner

Just remember
Things are gonna change
Just remember
They'll be brighter days

You know the stars can't shine without the dark
A fire can't catch without a spark
Like sunshine mixed with a little bit of rain
Beauty begins right after the pain
So count your rainbows

The hands that paint the sky
And lift the sun to rise
Will keep on holding you close through every season
Mercy and morning light
Breaks through the darkest light
So keep believing
No matter what you're seeing

Just remember
He'll bring you brighter days

Like a rollercoaster
That you can't get off
Gotta throw your hands up
And just make the most
Of the twits and the turns that you can't control
Just wait
At the end there's a pot of gold

Every color
Every hue
Red, yellow, green, blue
Without the rain and the pain
They can't shine through
God made a promise
Oh, don't you know
Just trust in the Lord
And count your rainbows

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