A Ton of Worship - 100 Songs For Kids by Kingsway Kids

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A Ton of Worship - 100 Songs For Kids
by Kingsway Kids

Year: 2009
Label: Integrity Music

 Disc 1
1. There's a Letter in the Bible (James 1:21) (add lyrics) - James Emmerson
2. God Loves Me Whoopah Wahey (Whoopah Wahey) (add lyrics) - Doug Horley
3. It Doesn't Matter What the Time Is (Proverbs 17:17) (add lyrics) - James Emmerson
4. I'm One in a Million (One in a Million) - Ian Hannah
5. Jesus Jesus (Jesus He is Lord) (add lyrics) - Ian Smale
6. Don't Go Worrying What to Do (Don't) (add lyrics) - Keith Ross
7. If I Try and Read a Little Bit O' Bible Every Day - Ian Smale
8. You Are the Sunshine (All That You Are) (add lyrics) - Ralph Ward
9. In This World Where We Live (add lyrics) - Ralph Ward
10. Great is Our Lord - Steve Morgan-Gurr
11. I Am So Excited (Talk About Jesus) (add lyrics) - Alison Croxford
12. Lord Jesus We Talk This Straight and Narrow Path (Step by Step) - Pam Cain
13. Nothing's too Big Big Big (add lyrics) - Doug Horley
14. Father God Created the World (add lyrics) - Ian Smale
15. Holy Spirit Fill Me Up - Matt Summers
16. God's Promise is a Rainbow (The Rainbow Song) - John Pantry
17. Well You Might Be a Finger (The Body Song) (add lyrics) - James Emmerson
18. Don't Praise Yourself (Proverbs 27:2) (add lyrics) - James Emmerson
19. I Know a Little Secret (Move a Little Bit Closer) - Ralph Ward
20. Every Time We Confess Our Sins (Forgiveness) (add lyrics) - Ian Smale
21. If You Want to Make a Happy Cake (Joy) (add lyrics) - John Pantry
22. Not by Night (add lyrics) - Mike Gisbey
23. This is Just a Simple Song (Simple Song) - Steve Burnhope
24. Just a Song to Say I Love You - Anthony Spicer
25. God's My Father and My Friend (add lyrics) - Steve Woods
 Disc 2
1. Keep on Walking - Steve Morgan-Gurr
2. Hey Hey - Doug Horley
3. God Loves Me (add lyrics) - Peter Bignall, Peter Tye, Steve Whitehouse
4. Well I Hear They're Singing in the Streets (I've Found Jesus) - Martin Smith
5. Lord You Are Calling (Let Your Kingdom Come) (add lyrics) - Lorraine Fenner, Simon Fenner
6. We Know In All Things (God Works For the Good of Those Who Love Him) - Steve Burnhope
7. Father I Place into Your Hands (add lyrics) - Jenny Hewer
8. Be Kind and Compassionate (add lyrics) - James Emmerson
9. The Way it's Gonna Be - Doug Horley
10. Jesus Was Walking Down by the Sea (The Fisherman's Song) (add lyrics) - Andy Green, Wendy Green
11. God is Amazing - Andy Green, Wendy Green
12. Jump and Shout - Ralph Ward
13. Stories From Long Ago[ Steve Morgan-Gurr] (add lyrics)
14. I Am Listening to God (add lyrics) - O. K Harpham
15. Go Said to Joe (A Fishy Tail) (add lyrics) - Jim Bailey
16. Jesus is My Saviour (add lyrics) - Ken Warke
17. Worship No God But Me (add lyrics) - David Blaylock
18. You Laid Aside Your Majesty (I Really Want to Worship You My Lord) - Noel Richards
19. God Made You (Jesus Cares For You) - Juliet Lloyd
20. For if You Forgive Men - Ian Smale
21. Reach Up High (add lyrics) - Robert Newy
22. I Will Praise You as Long as I Live (Praise) (add lyrics) - Ian Smale
23. I Can Rock and Roll (Best Friend) - Paul Rush
24. You Are My God and I Will Thank You (Psalm 118:28) - Ian Smale
25. Love is What You Give - Simon Fenner, Suzy Smale
 Disc 3
1. High Above the Earth - Richard England
2. I Worship You Lord Jesus Christ - Jonny Moore-Crispin
3. When I'm Right With God (add lyrics) - Steve Woods
4. I Will Praise You Lord - Ralph Ward
5. Trust in the Lord (add lyrics) - Jim Bailey
6. Jesus is the Rock - Andy Gilbert
7. God Had a Job For Jonah (Inside the Whale) (add lyrics) - Andy Green, Wendy Green
8. God is Good - Julia Plaut
9. Jump - Julia Plaut
10. Love is Patient Love is Kind - Sandra Scriven
11. No Matter How Big I Am (I'm Made in the Image of God) - Ian Smale
12. A Long Time Ago - Steve Morgan-Gurr
13. Wide and Long High and Deep (Wide) - Colin Pye
14. Immanuel God With Us (add lyrics) - David Blaylock
15. I've Hidden Your Word (add lyrics) - Jonny Moore-Crispin
16. I Can't Stop - Steve Morgan-Gurr
17. I'm Special - Graham Kendrick
18. When I'm Late For School (That's the Time I Talk to Jesus) (add lyrics) - Ralph Ward
19. Jesus I Love You - Jessica Warne
20. Wherever I Go (Jesus is My Friend) (add lyrics) - Andy Green, Wendy Green
21. Let's All Sing a Traveling Song (Rolling Away) (add lyrics) - Ralph Ward
22. It is by Grace We've Been Saved (Grace) - Ian Smale
23. I'm Forever in Your Love (add lyrics) - Doug Horley
24. Your Love O Lord is Higher (add lyrics) - Jonny Moore-Crispin
25. Colours of Day (Light Up the Fire) - Sue McLean, John Paculabo, Keith Rycroft
 Disc 4
1. You Can't Rave Jerry (We All Need to Be With Jesus) - Ralph Ward
2. Well I'm All Fizzed Up (All Fizzed Up) (add lyrics) - Ralph Ward
3. If You Know God's Love - Chris Medway
4. He's the Gaffa (Fandabidozzie) - Peter Bignall, Doug Horley, Steve Whitehouse
5. God Gave Me Hands (add lyrics) - Ian Smale
6. Whoa You're My Number One (Like Jelly and Ice Cream) (add lyrics) - Ralph Ward
7. In the Beginning (Creation Song) - Ian Smale
8. Brick by Brick (add lyrics) - James Emmerson
9. Do You Believe in the Father God (Do You Believe It) - Andi Markham
10. Good News - Steve Morgan-Gurr
11. God Knows the Things We Really Need - Alison Hedger
12. Faith as Small as a Mustard Seed - Doug Horley
13. I Know My Heart Will Love You Forever (King of Love) - Doug Horley
14. Jesus is the Light of the World - Jonny Moore-Crispin
15. What Are You Doing (1000 Years On) (add lyrics) - Keith Ross
16. Trust in God With All Your Heart (Trust in God) - Suzy Smale
17. He is the Same - Ian Stewart
18. I Got You Lord (Help Me Be Your Eyes Lord Jesus) - Doug Horley
19. God Gave Me Ears - Julie Booth
20. Jesus You're the One (add lyrics) - Tony Crooks, Alison Croxford, Simon Goodall
21. Mr Cow - Julia Plaut
22. Jesus Says I Am With You Always (Therefore Go) - Chrissie Pepper
23. If You've Got Troubles - Ken Warke
24. I Have Eyes That Can See (Tummy Button Song) - Ian Smale
25. If You Want to Live Like a Wise Man (Rock on a Rock) (add lyrics) - John Pantry

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