150 All-Time Favorite Songs! by VeggieTales

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150 All-Time Favorite Songs!
by VeggieTales

Year: 2012
Label: VeggieTales

1. This Little Light Of Mine (add lyrics)
2. Down In My Heart (add lyrics)
3. He's Got The Whole World (add lyrics)
4. My God Is So Big (add lyrics)
5. The B-I-B-L-E (add lyrics)
6. Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho (add lyrics)
7. God's Way (add lyrics)
8. Zacchaeus (add lyrics)
9. This Is My Commandment (add lyrics)
10. Love Your Neighbor
11. Give Me Oil In My Lamp (add lyrics)
12. Peace Like A River (add lyrics)
13. Jesus Loves The Little Children (add lyrics)
14. Who Built The Ark? (add lyrics)
15. Jacob's Ladder (add lyrics)
16. I Got Shoes (add lyrics)
17. Gospel Ship (add lyrics)
18. God's Love
19. Father Abraham (add lyrics)
20. Promised Land
21. Wise Man Built His House Upon The Rock (add lyrics)
22. Fishers Of Men / Peter, James & John In A Sailboat (Medley) (add lyrics)
23. It's A Miracle (add lyrics)
24. Oh, How I Love Jesus (add lyrics)
25. I Will Sing Of The Mercies / Leaning On The Everlasting Arms (Medley) (add lyrics)
26. The Water Buffalo Song
27. The Hairbrush Song
28. The Dance Of The Cucumber
29. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
30. Love My Lips
31. The Song Of The Cebu
32. His Cheeseburger
33. The Yodeling Veterinarian Of The Alps
34. The New And Improved Bunny Song
35. Endangered Love
36. Larry's High Silk Hat
37. Belly Button
38. School House Polka
39. The Blues With Larry (add lyrics)
40. Pizza Angel (add lyrics)
41. My Baby Elf (add lyrics)
42. Lance The Turtle (add lyrics)
43. Monkey (add lyrics)
44. The Biscuit Of Zazzamarandabo (add lyrics)
45. Sneeze If You Need To (add lyrics)
46. Donuts For Benny (add lyrics)
47. Where Have All The Staplers Gone? (add lyrics)
48. Pants (add lyrics)
49. Goodnight Junior (add lyrics)
50. Hopperena (add lyrics)
51. Deep & Wide (add lyrics)
52. Keep Walking
53. Ezekiel Saw The Wheel (add lyrics)
54. Yankee Doodle (add lyrics)
55. This Old Man (add lyrics)
56. If You're Happy And You Know It (add lyrics)
57. The Hand Song (add lyrics)
58. I Am A C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N
59. The Hokey Pokey (add lyrics)
60. You're A Grand Old Flag (add lyrics)
61. Have A Little Talk With Jesus (add lyrics)
62. Playtime Song (add lyrics)
63. Clap Your Hands (add lyrics)
64. Fingers & Toes (add lyrics)
65. Rise & Shine (add lyrics)
66. His Banner Over Me Is Love
67. Show You Love (add lyrics)
68. Oh You Can't Get To Heaven (On Roller Skates) (add lyrics)
69. Head, Shoulders / Do Your Ears Hang (Medley) (add lyrics)
70. Jesus Bids Us Shine (add lyrics)
71. Allelu, Allelu (add lyrics)
72. I'm Gonna Sing I'm Gonna Shout (add lyrics)
73. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
74. Do Lord / I'll Fly Away (Medley) (add lyrics)
75. When The Saints Go Marching In (add lyrics)
76. This Is The Day (add lyrics)
77. Pop! Goes The Weasel (add lyrics)
78. Mary Had A Little Lamb (add lyrics)
79. Are You Sleeping (add lyrics)
80. She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain (add lyrics)
81. Amazing Grace (add lyrics)
82. I've Been Working On The Railroad (add lyrics)
83. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (add lyrics)
84. On Top Of Old Smokey (add lyrics)
85. Standing In The Need Of Prayer (add lyrics)
86. The Wheels On The Bus
87. Row, Row, Row Your Boat (add lyrics)
88. The Mulberry Bush (add lyrics)
89. How Many Monkeys (add lyrics)
90. Where Is Thumbkin (add lyrics)
91. The Muffin Man (add lyrics)
92. Old McDonald Had A Farm (add lyrics)
93. It's Raining It's Pouring (add lyrics)
94. The Marshmallow Song
95. Don't Ya Know (add lyrics)
96. Here We Go Loopty Loo (add lyrics)
97. O Where, O Where Has My Little Dog Gone? (add lyrics)
98. The Bear Went Over The Mountain (add lyrics)
99. The Dinner Time Song
100. Come In Twos (add lyrics)
101. Rock A Bye Baby (add lyrics)
102. Mac And Cheese (add lyrics)
103. Itsy Bitsy Spider (add lyrics)
104. Bubble Rap (add lyrics)
105. Brahm's Lullaby (add lyrics)
106. For The Beauty Of The Earth (add lyrics)
107. A Bushel And A Peck
108. My Day
109. Thankfulness Song (add lyrics)
110. God Is So Good (add lyrics)
111. Together (Reprise) (add lyrics)
112. Love Him In The Morning (add lyrics)
113. Kilts And Stilts (add lyrics)
114. This Is My Father's World (add lyrics)
115. All The Pretty Little Horses (add lyrics)
116. Fairest Lord Jesus (add lyrics)
117. Kumbayah (add lyrics)
118. Perfect Puppy (add lyrics)
119. Jesus Loves Me (add lyrics)
120. Corner Of The World (add lyrics)
121. One In A Million (add lyrics)
122. Think Of Me
123. All Through The Night (add lyrics)
124. Angels Will Keep Watch (add lyrics)
125. Now The Day Is Over (add lyrics)
126. VeggieTales Theme Song
127. God Is Bigger
128. Solid Stuff (add lyrics)
129. King Darius Suite
130. Oh, No! What We Gonna Do?
131. We've Got Some News
132. Fear Not, Daniel
133. We Are The Grapes Of Wrath
134. The Forgiveness Song
135. Busy, Busy
136. My Golden Egg (add lyrics)
137. Best Friends Forever (add lyrics)
138. I Can Be Your Friend
139. Trust Song (add lyrics)
140. Good Morning George
141. Lend A Little Hand (add lyrics)
142. Right Where I Belong (add lyrics)
143. Stand
144. Radio Sweetheart (add lyrics)
145. Big Things, Too (add lyrics)
146. Supper Hero (add lyrics)
147. It's Laura's Fault
148. God's Got Plans (add lyrics)
149. The Person God Wants Me To Be (add lyrics)
150. Happy Tooth Day (add lyrics)

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