Medicated by Amongst the Giants

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by Amongst the Giants

Album: Desolate Minds

I'm holding on,
Even when I feel I'm slipping
I can't hear you when you say you'll listen
And even on my better days
I never see you through the haze
Emotions cloud me up
When I don't feel enough
I try to keep you close
So don't let go when my world is caving in

I'm faded out
Every day with this weight on top my chest
It's suffocating
I'm pushing back with nothing left
There was a time
Where I'd do anything to take this away
But I never counted the cost
Looking for healing like it's make or break
But sometimes I'm so lost

How do I
Show you
What it's like
When I feel torn apart (torn apart)
And every time
I try
I'm choked up inside
It's like I'm never getting better
Am I just too damaged?
Blurred vision, my condition knows no bounds

Even medicated
I barely make it
I can't escape it
Alive, sedated
I swear to you I'm never giving up
I'll always keep on trying

Song explanation: "Medicated is basically a song about my journey on antidepressants most of my life," says Marco Pera,
guitarist and vocalist for the Amongst the Giants. "I've dealt with panic attacks since I was very young,
and the last resort was medicine. It helped me live a normal life, but at the same time it dulled me. My
emotions, my reactions to others, my experiences. I was feeling pensive about it and decided to get those thoughts on paper so that's how Medicated came out."

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