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Hot Potato Soup by ApologetiX

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Lived The Day You Died
by ApologetiX

Album: Hot Potato Soup
by ApologetiX

Parody of "Love the Way You Lie" by Eminem Featuring Rihanna
(Matthew 2:11; Mark 15:23; John 11:49-52, 19:39; Isaiah 53:1-12; Ephesians 2:8-9; Titus 3:4-7)

Don't understand why they brought You myrrh
But that's all right because I like Your day of birth
Don't understand why You'd heal, me, Christ
But that's all right because I lived the day You died
I lived the day You died

I can't tell you what a thrill it is
Like in bowling when you got your first strike
It's like now I'm hitchhiking on the turnpike
I broke free from doin' life, now it's midnight
Then God comes along with a ride, invites me inside
I offer stuff to compensate
He doesn't want no payment says, Brother, it's all be covered
It's tough to take I say, Lord, I'm a lousy clown, why'd You stop to save me
You must be crazy, man, I'm such a waste
Where we goin'? I'm redeeming you no you ain't
I'm bad, and someone like that can't become a saint
It's too ingrained He said, there's no one good you're goin' straight
I took command, and I'm winnin' you back your soul is saved
But, Lord, my past was awful, I feel so estranged
I'm trapped Who trapped you? I don't see no ball and chain
I laid hands on you you'll never do this alone again
I guess you don't know the Lord's grace

Don't understand why they brought You myrrh
But that's all right because I like Your day of birth
Don't understand why You'd heal, me, Christ
But that's all right because I lived the day You died
I lived the day You died
I lived the day You died

You know, they struck His body so much
He could breathe when they hit Him
But Jesus, He did not refuse, even though they whipped Him
Not a warm, fuzzy feeling, gettin' killed just for livin'
Like He's some punk they didn't know from Adam
The Lord, He said, forgive 'em
When they did those things to hurt Him
Though they spit upon His face and invented stuff to curse and convict Him
They plucked out his facial hair
Laughed while givin' Him a thorny crown
Pinned Him to a cross in the Roman mannerism
Yet they gave Him a cold drink to cope with though
Something infinitesimal, a gesture made
Guess that they didn't know that in their painkilling recipe
Something was left over from a different day
One that came with frankincense and gold
It was embalmer's myrrh
Mixed with wine He still refrained
You don't get it, Wonder Man, Christ was not immune to pain
But it's not in vain
Now the rest of us receive God's forgiveness
Guess that's why they say "no pain no gain"

Don't understand why they brought You myrrh
But that's all right because I like Your day of birth
Don't understand why You'd heal, me, Christ
But that's all right because I lived the day You died
I lived the day You died
I lived the day You died

Now I know I said things, did things that were pretty mean
And we fall back to the days of Adam and days of Eve
But Your temptation was bad as mine is, from A to Z
Yet You never flunked the test like I did
You made it clean somehow
They cussed at You, nailed You to a tree
Maybe it was Satan just shiftin' the blame to You from me
Maybe that's what happens when some fourth graders meet with Darth Vader
All I know is the devil's too much for us to face now
The Messiah picked up my tab 'cause He died for all
Though I see sin starin' me in my face when I fall
Though I'm just a slimeball
Took me in when I called
Yes, I'm enlistin' as a Christian disciple
Guess it's time here for me to testify
I will follow Christ even through my lowest times
"Cause I know I became righteous from the fact I know my Messiah
If the devil tries to sucker me again
I'm a try and do my best to just renounce that liar

Don't understand why they brought You myrrh
But that's all right because I like Your day of birth
Don't understand why You'd heal, me, Christ
But that's all right because I lived the day You died
I lived the day You died
I lived the day You died

Mark 15:23
Then they offered him wine mixed with myrrh, but he did not take it.

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  435. Somebody Sold Me
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  439. Spread The Way
  440. Stay in the Light
  441. Stone Him Rough
  442. Story of a Squirrel
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  445. Stupid World
  446. Stupid's Stronghold - Reckless in America
  447. Such Impressive Loving Smart Close Friends
  448. Sufferin' Just Finished
  449. Superficial
  450. Sweet Oholibamah
  451. Swimmer
  452. Take Jude
  453. Talk About the Lord
  454. Talk And I'll Walk
  455. Talk Daily To Me
  456. Talking Inner Peace
  457. Tasty Plants
  458. Telling The Drama
  459. Temple Physician
  460. Thankfully
  461. That Daughter
  462. The Atheists
  463. The Ballad of Jesus and Yahweh
  464. The Bible Countdown
  465. The Books God Made You're Mockin'
  466. The Boys Aren't Backin' Down
  467. The Devil Went Down to Jordan
  468. The Man They Call Zechariah
  469. The New Testament In Living Color
  470. The Power Above
  471. The Real Sin Savior
  472. The Second Half of Acts
  473. The Sound of Sirens
  474. The Sounds of Silas
  475. The Spittle
  476. The Tablecloth - Peter's Vision
  477. The Tablecloth, Peter's Vision
  478. The Voice of Sodom
  479. The Whole Darn Roof Leaks
  480. The Word
  481. There Are Wolves Among Us
  482. These Streams
  483. This Is From Paul
  484. Time for Me to Die
  485. Timeline
  486. Tip From an Angel
  487. To Be Rebuked
  488. Tom Saw Ya
  489. Too Much Grime on My Hands
  490. Too Pregnant
  491. Too Wicked for Paradise
  492. Transplants
  493. Tried To Find Lots of Ways
  494. Trinity
  495. Triune Godhead
  496. Trooth
  497. Trust Him
  498. Trust In The Lord
  499. Try and Try Again
  500. Try Micah
  501. Tufftumbling
  502. Turn To Luke
  503. Turning a Little Seasick
  504. Twins Came Out
  505. Two-Time Baby - Lord's House Blues
  506. Two-Time Baby-Lord 's House Blues
  507. Under the Breath
  508. Unfinished Job
  509. Upper Room
  510. Very Wiser
  511. Verynice City
  512. Virgin
  513. Wake Up Talitha Cumi
  514. Walk His Way
  515. Walk on the Water
  516. Want it Dead or Alive
  517. We Didn't Start Messiah
  518. We Got The Feet
  519. We Three Kings
  520. We Will Walk Through
  521. We're In A Parody Band
  522. We're More Than Champions
  523. We're Not Goin' To Canaan
  524. We're Not Gonna Drown
  525. Weep Jeremiah
  526. Welcome To The Judges
  527. What Is And Will Forever Be
  528. What's In Nahum
  529. Wherever You Will Sow
  530. Who's There
  531. Who's There?
  532. Wise Men Still
  533. Wish You Could Hear
  534. With a Harp David Writes
  535. With Little Help From My Friends
  536. Won't Get Born Again
  537. Working for the Weakened
  538. Works
  539. Wrongview
  540. Yer Maker
  541. Yes Today
  542. YHWH
  543. You Ain't Been Nothing Yet
  544. You Booked Me All Along
  545. You Give Up On Bad Days
  546. You Gotta Go
  547. You Made Me, So There You Have Me
  548. You May Be Bright
  549. You Might Stink
  550. You're Mad At What?
  551. You're So Plain
  552. You've Got A Text
  553. You've Got Another King Comin'
  554. Young As You Are
  555. Your Lunch

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