Let Me Know by B. Cooper, Foure

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The Introduction by B. Cooper

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Let Me Know
by B. Cooper, Foure

Album: The Introduction

Verse 1: Foure
That's the sound of the footsteps of my old flames
Ask me why I'm playing with fire 'cause it's a cold game
You say it ain't the same no more, we've both changed
Progress hurts, and I'm drained from the growing pains
Just imagine that I'm blind from your heart and mind
And what you think is clear to see is really hard to find
...for me. I'm not complaining I'm willing to search
But you got to give me a hint, do you want this to work?
And am I missing the exit sign? 'cause trying to find
Love is like the roller coaster breaking when you're next in line
It's like you wait and you wait, but never get your turn
I mean, it takes you for a spin, but you never learn
And if you're willing to do it all over, and keep fighting for a
Love that don't exist, then really I'm sorry for you
But, it's impossible to venture through a closed door
If you don't want to let me in, you should let me know

Chorus: Foure
Something on your mind don't just let it go
Even when we get together I feel so alone
And the words that you don't say just linger in your mind
Even if I could get in there, they're so hard to find
You should let me know (let me know)
You should let me know (let me know)
You should let me know (let me know)
You should let me know (let me know)
Oh oh... You should let me know ... oh oh

Verse 2: B. Cooper
That's the sound of the heartbeat of a broken heart
Somebody in need of an open heart
Surgery, Napolean Bonaparte
Fight against the world, through the storm like Noah's ark
But I can't imagine two of you
You're an animal, don't know what to do with you
At the same time, hard to deal with losing you
Through all the stress, you're a mess, but your beautiful
Can you see how your confusing me
Either you love me or your using me
I am not a mind reader, and you have a horrible sense of direction
Either way, you'll end up losing me
Stupid me, I ignored the signs
Should've stopped, or at least slowed down and took my time
Full speed, fast forward, no rewind
Couldn't see it, I guess they right, love is blind


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