Way Up by Bizzle, Datin, Selah the Corner, Bumps Inf, Jered Sanders

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Way Up
by Bizzle, Datin, Selah the Corner, Bumps Inf, Jered Sanders

Album: Us Against the World

Intro: Datin
We take it way up
Higher than NASA off a launch and lift
Off into the dark abyss past the stars where the Martians live
Never will these archers miss they mark you see the darts we spit have sharpened tips we aim for the heart and hit what our target is
Like an arsonist lighting a match up and then tossing it
Onto gasoline we're torching this, homie of course it's lit
Like Rick James on Eddie Murphy's couch screaming out 'Darkness is'
With no remorse we kick the grime
And in this pond
We are shark to fish

Verse 1: Bizzle
GOM this is a remix
Get a beat, flip, rip it to pieces
Get a seat we up winners suite
Finna eat
We sitting wit Jesus
Drop in it for the God risen
He alive living in the midst of the people
Try me, and if you're not feeling it
Then bob really, I ain't feeling you either
Whether or not you feel it I'm not
Forgetting what God has given to me
I could be locked up inside, a prison
And not get visits or preach
God willing ima give them the gospel till I'm not in position to speak
You can knock it
But I'ma rock with the rock and I'm not missing the beat, listen to me
Dog, I was up in Walmart with a scan gun
For the canned goods
I could rap good, but I did what I could for the fam
That's manhood
Quit looking for the quick lick
Told God if you're not with it I quit this
That's when He told me no, you just go and be lit lit
I been on the road, doing shows ever since then
Tell em what I know
Pray they souls they get lifted
Messing with the flow but the goal is repentance
Never get it twisted

Daddy let me loose
We gotta move, Bishop with the burner baby
We got the juice, they hating on my team
Cus we the truth
Won't he do it, and we the proof
We gon take them way way way
Way way way, way way way
Way way way up
(way way way up, way way way up)

Verse 2: Selah the Corner
I ain't really with the back talk, homie
But you know that ima talk back
You ain't pitching you could balk back
You ain't got a ride, you can walk back
Aye, we need to get the salt back
Dark rap make the blackboard
And if you ain't teaching from the Most High
Lil homie you could get a chalk back
Homie I could never go back
I was down in the gutter mayne
Low low, in a dark place
Oh thank God He the Prozac
Everybody gotta raise up
Knees down, and the prayers up
Lock down, homie stay up
Tell em all that there's a way up

Verse 3: Jered Sanders
The blood
We covered by it
Speaking up and everyone is silent
If we don't, man y'all confused
We be dropping jewels like a drunken pirate
Show enough
The party's uninvited
With the Sunday fire I be praising God with
Prolly leaving everyone inspired if they spirit's any higher they would mosh pit
We don't really want that, do we?
Man I ain't ever cared what the haters say
Y'all tripping
My sauce dripping
Like a winner goes bathed with the Gatorade
Flame in the 808
Straight propane, lemme demonstrate
Put fire in the beat and do the same thing Eminem and Jay did in “Renegade”

Verse 4: Bumps INF
Look up, (Look up!)
Man look at what the God cooked up
Coulda took us with a beam and a touch
But (no) good God that's mean in the clutch
Teaming it up
With a rough punch and I don't play game like putt putt, (swing)
Gotta let God be the gut punch
He's running the play like hut hut
If you really tryna have a dust up
Hunk your pride and recognize we're just us
Plus the Mighty Hand of God
A rough gust
Swinging with your might
You'll get your bust up
Come hear the kid and get your roughed up
Like Paul and Silas
Tell em and then cough it, virus
Benefit righteous
Feeling it
Living it
Pie us, Bias


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