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High Wire Act by CY

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by CY

Album: High Wire Act
by CY

Yea. Much Luvv Records, Complex Melodies Productions. Better Look out. Roll out the Red carpet. For GodZilla. Sing a new Song.

Make way for Godís illa spit bars/ thatíll lift all/ building foundations and hit hard/ (hard)- HEAR WITHOUT ADLIBS FIRST

Lookin over the cities Big, Large/ with height that never ends to Infinity This Tall/ (tall)

Every word from the mouth, spit raw/ like a blue flame, shoot aim shatterin brick walls/ (walls)

With a voice a thunder, toughest bullies duck for cover when hearin the sound thatís discharged/

One shoe size fits all/ but feet that could stomp a crack in the earth causin a pitfall/ (Yall)

A big star (star)/ beggin for autographs in person mouthwide gottem droppin they cigars/ (gars)

Make a beat and a track with guitars, bow down, now you think what Iím sayin is bizarre/ (NAW)

(Oh no)/ Not a monsta from Tokyo/ with big jaws/
flipped cars/ broke King Kongís nose/ with his paws/
(This God)-Low voice ad libs

This God is illa than ya favorite hit song
Is bigga than gorillaís like King Kong
His invisible image is Jesus
We mirrors in the image of

This God Heís illa than ya favorite theme song
Is bigga than gorillaís like King Kong
His invisible image is Jesus
Thereís never no one illa than
This God

2nd verse
Capable of mass destruction/ original author of volcanoe acid eruptin/

Man itís something/ he could just smash the public/ but his love and compassion has to love them/ (God is love)

Tho heís worthy to love, still Askin cats to love him/
Invitin buddist, catholics and muslims/

Instead of rulin with hands/ thatíll snap fingers and grant instantly what he chants/ allows the sufferin /

Instead heís choosin plans/ like punishin himself for blueprintin man/ hung dead, with screws in his hand/ (whos the man)

More Powers than supaman/
Given bright robes whiter than the Klu Klux Klan/ (clan)

Heís protection faithful to be near/ to those who reject him, greatly to be feared!/
The real reflection/ who I really am will be revealed/ transformed to immortality for real/

Young Josh.
illa than any rhyme I write/ so ill heís still seen yet heís out of sight/ so real?/ he commanded and he gave light to the blind gave sight and saves to be made right. A God we can trust, A God who can crush any man you raise up to show you he was plain dust.

Yes Heís love yet remains just/ No Point to question or rejecting his authority, He made us.

King of Kings Lord of Lords Crown Rocker/
Weíre just dust He cleans us ground mopper/
Omnipotent, Legitimate sounds proper/
No knock off Genuine canít knock Him/ (Oh No)
Who would have thought thereíd be a God so responsible who is Truth giving us a book so infallible/ (Who?)
Thereís One God, no wings still the fly type, He rose up and coming back thereís nobody like.

This God!

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