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City of God by ChristCentric

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by ChristCentric

Album: City of God

Total Depravity (Stephen Brindle)
Let me expose this tragedy called total depravity
We're all rotten and we're showin our cavities
Our nature's corrupt cause Adam in Genesis
Sin is the nemesis it has no benefits
We've got poisoned tongues, none is good, not even one
You beg to differ son, take a look at Romans 1
18 thru 32 check the dirt we do
Your flesh is familiar like, "yeah, I've heard of you."
From our mothers wombs we've all gone astray
Our thoughts are consumed by our own rotten way
Man's heart is deceitful, it's wicked and evil
We're radically corrupt – the feeblest people
Examples – sex channels, sex scandals, wretched vandals,
...the bible's mishandled
if not for the Holy Spirit intervenin' –
we'd still be slave to satan and his demon's

Unconditional Election (Apologist)
He will gather His elect from the corners of the earth
Its the Father who selects who receives the new birth
By the power of the Spirit it is all in conjunction
life, death and resurrection of the one who was unction
I was dead in trespasses now I'm free and adopted
as son I was given a garanteed deposit
The Ruwach was hovering on the waters in creation
my Shield and Covering You drew me to salvation
Predestined by The LORD before things were made
I still cannot fathom I was chosen to be saved
The Father gave The Son a group from every race
The Spirit made them come to be hooked by his grace
This skeptic was elected, redeemed and resurrected
so the Glory of my GOD in my life can be reflected
Imputated righteousness the beginning of perfection
the doctrine I spouse is Unconditional Election.

Limited Atonement (Spoken Word)
The third part of the T.U.L.I.P. – Limited Atonement
is often disputed – many don't condone it.
But since atonement really atones men –
then how are all atoned when in in Hell some are thrown in?
Let's for a moment check behind the verses
John 17:9 you'll see divine purchase –
blood to affect a foul nation
love directed to the elect for salvation!
All of whom the Father placed in His plan
Predistened – Christ died for the saints in His hand!
Take the words of Christ spoken – behold he
prays not for the world – but dies for the chosen only
So, when He rose from grave – he fulfilled His mission
sealin the Christians "forchose" to be saved.
So, redemption precedes faith…
And when grace is imparted to the elect – they respond and accept

Irresistable Grace (Q-D.O.G.)
No one can come to Christ unless the Father draws Him...like an artist
See God is the cause of the hardest
heart that's Godless that regards Him not that's darkened
like car jackers in a parkin lot – He's sparkin –
this life within, cause lifeless men are Christless
can't find Him without His light within!
But this grace ain't "prevenient" what I mean is
we weren't born with something in our soul to make conversion convenient
We was "dead in sin" – born a spiritual Lazarous
to say he helped raise himself – we would laugh at this!
Like the notion God is "open" and He's hopin' that He's chosen
"NO ONE SEEKS GOD" – read the quote in
Romans 3:11 – see our inception in Christ
is cause God stepped in and raised us to life!
There's no question that His "Grace" made us ripe for this selection
by election to life we receive Christ and accept Him!
So, without resurrection – we're bound to a will to reject Him
unless God grants an "Irresistible" exception!

Perseverance of the Saints (Evangel)
We in God's tightest•
grip and we won't slip like His hands cramped with arthritis!
We'll be grasped above to inherit, through His everlasting love
and cherish His sheep shall never perish!
To know when it's over,
we'll persevere because of the Master's P like no limit soldiers!
Thru Christ the debt is paid solely,
the propitiation for our ventilation- that's made holy!
Called us by grace into Your Word's adherence,
authored our faith to see its perseverance!
No mistakable claim,
predestined, called, just and glorified, the unbreakable chain!
Born again not of the seed that will decay,
but indeed guaranteed to believe until the day!
He redeems His purchased possession,
and the Holy Spirit sealed the deal, the church's protection!

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