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Get Nervous - Single by DIE-REK

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Get Nervous

Album: Get Nervous - Single


"When the crew steps into the room"


Mean what I say, otherwise


Sayin' , everything got a price

Never worth Gamblin' your Life

Verse 1 (DIE-REK)

Hope to the hopeless
Sight to the blind
Man I do it all
1 thing in mind

Alwayz doin' fine
Benefits of connection
Crumbs in my eye
No need for in "speck"tion

Got bros
That's built for that
Empire strong
No Cookie crumbling flat

Baby Boy

I hustle and flow
The only Act I know
That's Hard to follow

Leader of the True
Ain't nothing new
Everything under the sun
Already do

Been done
We livin' life havin' fun
Puttin' flava in your ear
Since my oozie weighs a ton

Weapon of choice
Word Life
Sword swingin'
To Die is Gain
To live is Christ

Who nice wid it?....
Thank you kindly...
It's time to watch a team
Who be doin' it
Spike Lee

Verse 2 (SOJOURN)

Blessed to be workin'
The arts & craft task for the energy exertion
Minding my business when the situation worsens
Seeking to stay meek so I can inherit the earth in
Due time. Spew rhymes for the few minds who align with the true kind, not a new grind
It's an age old one walking a straight road with a crooked soul bent on tryin to hold control. That's enough so the tough guy role isn't one that I play No act in the rap I convey
All facts in the tracks you survey. Wouldn't have it any other way
Over the breaks until the break of day
This audio artisan is audibly up to alternate with other brothers chosen to cover the rhythm with the living letters signed sealed and delivered

Verse 4 (GRIFFIN)

Hold up wait a minute
Got the brush and the pad let me paint a sentence
Uhh broad strokes an array of vintage
Bars throwback Sega Genesis
Wake up in the morning cup of OJ
And a little bit of Sojay
Kill the radio and every sound involved that ain't really my forte
Follow Griff through the doorway
Christo the sure way
Apart from which there is no way
But hey you only live once though
Get the bag I ain't even mad what I'm gonna front for
But that ain't saving no one's soul
Look it here the only road that leads to Jah is Him
Who died and rose in three to blot your sin
Don't let no one impede your common sense
The Son has come and He is omniscient Not your ordinary bars coming through to make your pioneers thump
Battle in a rhyme
Preach Christ died
I do whatever I want
And I ain't never tied up
Coming out the mud grease on your map Posted up throwing up east on the track Grief calling back
Got the toll free for the whole team and you better pray he's gonna leave y'all in tact

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