Heartbeat by Da' T.R.U.T.H., Lecrae, Lauren Lee

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Heartbeat by Da' T.R.U.T.H.

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by Da' T.R.U.T.H., Lecrae, Lauren Lee

Album: Heartbeat

Hook: Lauren Lee
This is my heartbeat, heartbeat
Got a soul on fire that burns inside me, side me
Now I got, now I got
Love and Heaven running through my veins
Like dynamite that you can't contain my heartbeat

Verse 1: DA' T.R..U.T.H.
As long as I'm alive I want to share in God's heart, heart, heart, heart
Yeah, a lot is on my mind
When I'm thinking God's thoughts, thoughts, thoughts, thoughts
Yeah, and that's a small thing for the price that I was bought
When it's on the line I want to know what God taught
If that ain't at the root then everything will fall apart, part, part, part
Yeah, can I live I want to feel what you feel
See what you see, let me know that this is real
This is my appeal hear the cry when I kneel
Peal the lens that I conceal and every thought that I can shield
Heart is on the sleeve daydreaming in the field
Thoughts about forever tunnel vision on the heels
Heart can be deceitful but it's beating for the people
And it's bleeding for the heart of God's meal

Hook 2x

Verse 2: Lecrae
I'm back at it after a year full of tragic circumstances
Now people think it's with the Devil I'm dancing
I don't blame em', they probably had to bury they family
And raise kids they just see me here winning this Grammy
And follow my Instagram and conclude I'm less of a man
Cuz' I was posing next to 2 Chainz, yeah I know it's too strange
But back up, I remember knocking that R-Swift
On the corner with strangers
Trying to convince them of God's gift
Bible studies every week, and I'm teaching a couple of dudes
How to live out all the stuff that I'm learning it's all new
So, I'm passionate about it, I rapped it in every verse
I never heard of this stuff before so it's helping me to rehearse
Well what happens when you practice it now it's a part of your life
Do you have to rap about it to prove that you're repping Christ?
Name dropping theologians and all of the books I'm reading
I was brand new to it excited that's why I was speaking
Now I'm learning how to manage my business and be a daddy
Paying bills, making wheels and they thinking it's all candy
Everything's sweet, man these shoes on my feet are worn down
If you wore em' do you think you could take the heat?
It's funny cuz' I ain't ask for this
I ain't want to be the poster boy for the genre, a pastor this
I just wanted to make music from the heart
Whether I'm reading Spurgeon or inspired by good art
This is my heartbeat

Hook 2X

Verse 3 Da'T.R.U.T.H.
Can't look to the world to try to find true answers
That's like taking anger management class from Bruce Banner
The music pans left and right and don't produce manners
It only affirms the rebellionness in these loose cannons
I'm looking at all the faces of these confused parents
How they confuse when they move the rules and choose new standards
You can't allow them to amuse themselves and polluted lyrics
And not expect to see them locked up in front of the news cameras
I'm hangin' with the homies chain smokin'
Binge drinkin', I've been thinkin' why the ship sinkin'
I can't blame it on all the songs that they lip syncin'
Or on the stars that they was twerkin' with this weekend
Guess I should blame it on the rain, hold up, maybe not
Another rapper tellin our girls to make it drop
I'm so annoyed at my spirit, somebody make it stop
But in the meantime, I guess I gotta pray to God
The anger's burnin' frustrated when cable channels turnin'
Cuz idols everywhere hear the cry of the faithful servant
God I feel so heavy I carry the weight and burden
Salvation come cuz I'm anxious to see the tables turnin'
But I know that there's a hope that lies beyond the veil
A generation of worshippers no matter how I fail
Only time will tell, I know that God is real
My heart is breaking, waiting to see the way our God prevail


I'm passionate about it
Cuz' I'm anxious to see the tables turning
I'm passionate about it
Cuz' I'm anxious to see the tables turning
I'm passionate about it
Cuz' I'm anxious to see the tables turning
I'm passionate, I'm passionate, I gotta, gotta pray to God


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