Respect That by Derek Minor, Deraj, RMG

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Minorville by Derek Minor

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Respect That
by Derek Minor, Deraj, RMG

Album: Minorville

Verse 1: Derek Minor
Okay, you mean if I ain't rapping about a trunk full of dope
And my eyes ain't low cause I'm blowing on dro
Or I talk it how I live it, keep it real when I flow
You gon' act like I ain't killin' these beats on the low?
Whoa, that's a lie, all I know is raw
When I'm going so hard cause I do it for the Lord
Yeah I'm free, I don't need validation from y'all
Got the deed to my life, co-signed by God
So what you wanna do? Hate on me, you want to
But you gon' feel the fear of God every time I come through
Cause all I know, I run for him until I'm in the grave
Got a whole team with me and they all feel the same

Hook: Derek Minor
Okay, you hear the same things every time I talk
And I take the same steps every time I walk
So if you hear the name Jesus come out of my mouth
Then you already know what I'm about
You can't do nothin' but respect that
Can't do nothin' but respect that
You can't do nothin' but respect that
You can't do nothin' but respect that

Verse 2: Deraj
Under pressure, and I'm under the weather
Get my strength in my weakness and put this beat on a stretcher
I'll bet you've never seen rappers and photoshop mixed together
Turn haters into believers, I'll make em' never say never
Huh, I ain't playin', wait you ain't playing
Aye, I'm finna mess around and make me go super-saiyan
Power in my words, call that a super saying
I'm in the image of God, you thought I wasn't creative?

Verse 3: Chad Jones
It's Jones, I promise
Won't run up on you and llamas
Won't squeeze off
Leave me sauce for your Reeboks
That I won't do for pasta
No Parmesan bread, I'm full
Quite, say carbs lead to Suge Knight
There's something more important than the mula, the good life
We ride around and we screaming out "without a doubt, He the only way"
Better hear me like I'm Washington 'cause my state of mind is misspoken, mayne
Kill for what, amigos? Asian, black, that's my lingo
Beat y'all effort at nobility, God only thing goes


Verse 4: Tony Tillman
Hey what you wanna buy shell bin and juice
Sell shooting shells like Mario
Blowing dro like Marley and treading mills, that's cardio
Sorry bro, can't sell out and say you cheap, ain't no starter coat
I'm no gorilla yet I got monkey bars like Hardy's though
And the cross I carry, no bloody Marys will carry for
But I rap about his Son being buried, that's a scary flow
Won't rap about the cheese with my crab, this ain't no dairy store
Let that soul salute when you hear the truth in your stereo

Verse 5: Canon
Now Dej done grabbed my collar, tell me Canon what you know about problems?
What you know about being on labels but
Don't get respect when you're down at the bottom?
It ain't raw but you shockin' em'
Frustrated to the point, you done rocked with em'
It's amazing we takig on obstacles
Man I'll kill 'em can I kill 'em while I rock with 'em?
We're called to get really raw with you all
We should get lost while we set this off
I'ma ruckus, been a wild one, living and killing like living in autumn
Skip dragging a beat
Another rapper that need to drop four to have a good album
We reversed it and got em' scratching they head
Drop two cause numero uno resurrected when the world was dead


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