Welcome to the World by Derek Minor, Tony Tillman

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PSA Volume 3 by Derek Minor

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Welcome to the World
by Derek Minor, Tony Tillman

Album: PSA Volume 3

Verse 1: Derek Minor
Welcome to the world where them young boys sell crack
You play with they money, mess around and get your head cracked
Tryna make cheese just to trap the local hood rats
Four baby mamas, child support, he ain't payin' that
Welcome to the world where some preachers is wolves
Some sleep with their members and some teachers is fools
But I know plenty deacons that practice what they preachin'
And you don't know their names, but in their city they a beacon
Aye, welcome to the world where liars is part of tensions
You free to be whatever as long as you ain't a Christian
Don't say what you believe, best for you to swallow it
And if you do, that's SO INTOLERANT
Welcome to the world where they send dopeboys off to rot
But Bernie Madoff, prisoner like the spot
If you swindle people for millions, take everything they got
They should throw you under the jail and give the key to God

Hook: Tony Tillman
Welcome to the jungle, the mighty mighty jungle
Where Adam lost his garden when he satisfied his hunger
And now the lions roam, pumpin' fear into the villas
So keep your hand in the winder and please don't feed the gorillas

Verse 2: Tony Tillman
This world is full of Trayvon Martin's and Sean Bell's
Blood cried from the ground with the story their son tell
Painted history tainted, and riddled with drug sales
Come get acquainted with corners that's covered in gun shells
Gs posted with toasters, the poster children for drama
Degenerate generation, they'll clap a shell at your mama, bro
Before I rack them numbers, will leave me completely comatose
Some burners, sack, or stick it and icky rollin' like 100 spokes
Welcome to the world, I see death in various places
White supremists lay back with attack and spitting their hatred
KKK in them sheets, the police are crooked and racist
People turning to servers and hit the street eating faces, bro
Welcome to the world where saints abandon the body
They callin' preachers the king and gang is considered godly
Get richer is the motto, they fallin' victim to folly
Greed is gripping their brain, but we blame the illuminati
Lucifer tryna snatch somebody
To survive you gotta die, homie catch a body
I lift my eyes up to the sky, inside I hate this
Not of this world, can't wait for God to send a spaceship
For now, welcome to the world...

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