Letter in a Bottle by Dre Murray, Michael Guaglione

Song Lyrics

Letter in a Bottle
by Dre Murray, Michael Guaglione

Album: Gold Rush - Maybe One Day

Hook: Michael Guaglione
So what it feels like, lonely state I'm in
We're fighting hard just to feel it again
Living lonely, crying for mercy
It's just a feeling that we all bleed

Verse 1: Dre Murray
Another sip of this potion
Got me slippin'
And I get the notion
If I get myself to the end of this bottle
The pain that's in my heart
Might wind up in the ocean
And find its way to a soul with the same fears
We never met but you and I share the same tears
I really hope that these words find you well
And by the time you read this
I pray that I'm still here
Maybe another son slain on the battlefield
My family denies that the battle's real
They say admittance is like half of the battle
But after checking me in
I found that I'm in the battle still
They tell me take one step at a time
But these stairs might take my whole life to climb
I hope what my heart seeks that it finds
I still can't believe that this heart is mine


Verse 2: Dre Murray
Trapped by the darkness
I plead for the light
Chained to what's wrong
But I want to do right
I swear
My wife has a hard time believing I care
Just let me slay this dragon
Baby girl and I'm there
Yeah like a knight with a new shield
Every night I pray that your wounds heal
And I know that God hears
'Cause I'm staring at this phone
As you tell me that you don't feel
A thing anymore
I'm hearing you don't even wear the ring anymore
So now I find myself
Walking down this staircase
Straight to the face
'Til it don't sting anymore
Now the police are at my front door
Lord, what have I done?
I tell the glass to give me one more
This is life on the run


Verse 3: Dre Murray
I didn't think that I could make it without you
I was so wrong
This will be my last letter baby so long
Turn right to seal your fate for the last time
And close the casket
No need for me to prolong
I don't need you and I won't grieve you
My heart prays that no other soul will ever feed you
Or feel you, like a dagger with two sides
A hundred proof, I was duped
'Cause your troop lied
I was blind
Double vision from the onset
You had that bomb set
Giving me shots 'til I ride
Was your plot asking me am I gone yet
Family mad 'cause I ain't hip
To your con yet
But now I'm conscious
I'm aware that I exist and you can't
So here's goodbye without a last kiss
Glass full of C4 but that blast missed
To put you back in the bottle is my last wish


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