Jesus Is Alive by Dwayne Tryumf, Tony Momrelle

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Jesus Is Alive
by Dwayne Tryumf, Tony Momrelle

Album: 777 - Mark of the Peace

Verse 1
One two, yo
He lives, on an on an on in
Rose from the grave on sunday mornin
Jesus Son of God they call Him
Alpha Omega none before Him
Blessed, He the best
Not a prophet can test
How many prophets have said
That they rose up in 3 days from the dead?
Devil better stop now
Get ma word out, its a lot now
Satan ya tings get flop now
Its a wrap, Christ is on top now
We live in a war zone
Speakin in tongues like Im praying in Morse code
To Jehovah, Im like a soldier
Till I get that monkey off of ya shoulder
Step up in the club with a holy persona
Christ is the Light I'm the candleholder
No one ain't ready for the super nova
So I make tracks like I'm in Daytona..vrrmmm
Time to roll out, step out
No fear, no doubt
Open up ya mouth
Tell it to the crowd
Sound the trumpet real loud
Look upon the clouds it's the Son of God
Weather you believe in the Lord or not
An He won't stop until He's got
Heaven, earth and His enemies on lock!

Let the trumpet sound
Let the people praise Him
He's alive! Jesus is alive!
No doubt Imma put the Word out
Let the earth rejoice
Every generation!
He's alive! Jesus is alive!
Jesus is alive!

Woooooah x4
Alive, alive, alive

Verse 2
You remember me I went to Tennessee
When I came home, no messages was on my phone
But am I gonna moan?
No, Christ is still on the throne
Jesus also known as I AM
Chillin wid da Father at the right hand
The right man for da job
Who better to save the world than the Son of God?
He The Rock
The toppa top
He can't stop, won't stop
That's why the body rose up
On the third day
Come and drink if ya thirstay
Sweeter dan strawberry cool aid
No denying yes I need Christ
Plus they whipped Him handcuffed till stripes
But He's alive word is bond
Can't wait fa Armageddion, wa


Verse 3
Hades ain't fa babies
Don't fall into that Lucifer trap
It's a wrap once ya in the cemetery
You can't jump like Woody Harrelson n' Wesley
Let's see,
Nobody found the bones of Jesus cah da tomb was empty
Rolled out like a Bentley
Rose up though He took more blows than Jet Lee
Jesus died to free us
More stripes on the back than Addidas
We should thank God really He don't need us
While we were sinners He came to reach us
Now all we jus need to do is
Turn from the old life into newness
We can do this quit stallin
Do you know that the Lord is callin?


As time tick tocks
We won't stop
Gotta let the world know that He's on top
Cause He is
The King of Kings
An He lives
That's why we sing x2

You can search the whole world an find
There's no one like Jesus, He's one of a kind
Yeh He lives, He He lives, He He lives
He lives, He lives

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