I Been Redeemed by Flame

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Our World Redeemed by Flame

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I Been Redeemed
by Flame

Album: Our World Redeemed

Jesus did it - I been I been I been redeemed
Jesus did it - Every time I think about it I get amped
Verse I'm bout to snap
Man this feeling's medicinal
This redemption's got me flipping
I can feel it in my physical
It's like adrenaline venom
It's got me feeling so missional
Blood dripping while they whip Him, can you picture my visual?
Yet it scriptural the commission to come and be giving to Roman's Centurions to cure me and you from my sinfulness
This is nothing but the provisions for forgiveness He's given to sinners like us
Cause His grace is just so irresistible (YES!)
When I think about that I'm saved
When I'm thinking back to that day
When I see ‘em spit in His face
When I see Him get in that grave
When I think about the 3 days
When I think about that He raised
When I think how death had got played
I just want to give Him the praise
See all I know Jehovah carries sins weight on His shoulders
He holds the controllers and regenerated some soldiers
The Holy Ghost played His role and see now we get it
Romans 116 ain't afraid to admit it

Jesus did it - I been I been I been redeemed
Jesus did it - Every time I think about it I get amped
Verse Already listen up a minute
Hold up give me just a minute
I'm tripping off redemption from the risen and His Blood that did it
I was sinning bro I must admit it
Evil I would come and get it
It was all I knew until He drew me to the Son and switched it
I'm accepted protected God is my refuge
I ain't in danger the Savior came to my rescue
He's been erasing the habits that's known to wreck dudes
So my flesh I gotta check like a chess move
He purchased me gave birth to me
He paid the price for worthless me
Was hurt man would flirt with flames
He flipped that like a circus man
I'm so amazed His holy ways He bought me now I know and praise
The one who overflows with grace
Jehovah bro I'm blown away
Yea, what a relief it is
His wrath is satisfied
And through belief in this
I'm bought by Adonai
And when I think on this
That since the master died
I'm redeeming and His
I just break down inside

Jesus did it - I been I been I been redeemed
Jesus did it - Every time I think about it I get amped
Verse Already bro it's hard to grasp
Couldn't have been a harder task
To give us life the Risen Christ
He made a way that all could have
Salvation from His father's wrath
He bought us now we offer back
The lives He bought we die to thoughts and actions if they not for Dad
We saved from the old lives
We changed from them old guys
We switched from them chicks that used to flirt in they low rise
And all because the Father's love was demonstrated to all of us
We've been freed from our deeds we was bought with Blood

(FLAME) From the Abrahamic Covenant back to Noah's Flood
Back to Genesis 1, back before the world was
Before the serpent was even lurking in Eden's grass
Before Eve and Adam ate in eternity past
There was a covenant made between the Father and Son
And Holy Spirit this was even before Genesis 1
Within the Godhead they all had a plan to redeem
So receive the redemption, be apart of the team

Jesus did it - I been I been I been redeemed
Jesus did it - Every time I think about it I get amped

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