It's All Gon' Pass by Flame

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Our World Redeemed by Flame

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It's All Gon' Pass
by Flame

Album: Our World Redeemed
by Flame

It's all gon' pass

Everyday, at the end of my block
See big whips
Pulling out the rim shop
Black on black Giovanni's they
Blowing they money that's how they spend guac
Tripping off where they gone end up
They ain't listening,
Chilling, ignoring His calling
Learned it on REDEEMED, but
You really should've learn it on OUR WORLD FALLEN
You're living for the moment
God's gifts you don't want
When Christ comes back He's going to hit harder than
Katrina hit New Orleans
You're gonna lose all you have
Day it's all gon pass
You'll meet the Rock of Ages bigger
Than the rock that made Titanic crash
Puffing blunts in the
That's how you stuck with your cash
Like Lil Wayne
You gone all day with your money tucked in a duffle
Sell a couple of bags you on the block grinding
American dreams so you can keep shinin'
But your time is
Winding up
You ain't never gonna have enough
Money got more faith than you cause every dollar says in
God we trust
It's the lust of the flesh
Your turn just could
Be next
You never know when it's over time, but are you
Prepared to play sudden death

You can have it all take the cars and the cash
It ain't gon' mean nothing when the Lord comes back
It's all go pass - I said it's all gon' pass
Oh Lord

Reporting live from the booth
Good Morning
Still here to inform you're Godless in your
Like your pop you're a natural born replica
Better I was chief of the heathens far from a
Anxious to make a statement
Park I'm going to
Keep it basic
I know you're on your weight lift
Laced in
Designer bracelets
God is just and patient
Reveals this
Truth so gracious
The chosen one like Matrix
Endured the
Brutal facelift
Chosen to choose man I was birth for
Called out to give the lost direction like turn you
No pride of life I gotta shy God loves
Had to fly above the norm too much
Ain't pushing keys
Crushing trees or popping
Minus Christ no matter how your placed your sideways
Daddy like PS3
I know the fox is mean
You whip a
Steady on the rise, but you gon' burn scrap
Like gasoline
Ya dig

You can have it all take the cars and the cash
It ain't gon' mean nothing when the Lord comes back
It's all go pass - I said it's all gon' pass
Oh Lord

Listen, cats is hungry for that money so hungry it's
Like a pot of greens
Cause once you taste it you change
Faces like Halloween
I see you movements you keep it
Smoother than Frank Lucas
You're flirting with flames, but
Ain't came through St Louis
You want that pot of gold,
That's Harry Potter though
I mean fantasy man answer me
What about your soul
See Christianity's basically like a
Movie trailer
Showing you clips that Heaven's better
You'd rather settle
For the bootleg with low class
What are yellow diamonds and the earthly
Monopoly I mean a
Dozens of cars and a dozen of houses
And a couple awards
And a couple of islands plus a couple
Of girls
You know that be wildin' but
Compared to Heaven
That's a couple of thousand bucks
See life is like a vapor
Know you like the paper
But paper's passing away you
Should take to Christ the Savior

You can have it all take the cars and the cash
It ain't gon' mean nothing when the Lord comes back
It's all go pass
I said it's all gon' pass

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