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Flame by Flame

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by Flame

Album: Flame
by Flame

(Verse One)
In the world system we all need money now that's a given
For many reasons cribs to live in that's a given
But what is makin' me sick is the greed
How we have confused the two of which is a desperate need
You've got Jesus on the right side money on the left side
Check the steps that lead up to who is God in their lives
Cats is thrivin' to get rich, the entertainment industry is a quick fix
And I ain't sayin' there's somethin' wrong with aspirations and dreams
But have you checked lately the aspirations of teens
You got many youth that sell drugs for the love of money
Even internet scandals for the love of money
Even basketball handles for the love of money
Pure passion is clashin' with the love of money
To be a doctor is what they went to school for
To learn what to do, but the surgery is so expensive ask John Q

If you insecure poor you gone be insecure rich
If you smoke weed poor you gone smoke weed rich
If you smack cats shot cats got flaps
Did it all poor you gone smack shoot flap all rich

(Verse Two)
I know you sick of bein' second like the B letter
So you think when you get cheddar your situation will be better
There's a great percentage of people that are truly convinced
All they need more of in life is dollars and cents
Money can't fix all your problems dawg I see how you strive
You spend all of your energy and all of your time
Since I love you dawg it's not worth it
Ask a rapper with a Benz is his life perfect
Ask a married man that's rich is his wife perfect
Ask a pastor that's prosperous is his church perfect
Not at all so either way dawg we all still feel pain
And either way without Jesus you gone still meet flame
If not the hell fire then you might meet me
To hear these words that you might just see
Your opportunity to follow Jesus
Guaranteed rich people can't pay enough to succeed Jesus

If you insecure poor you gone be insecure rich
If you smoke weed poor you gone smoke weed rich
If you smack cats shot cats got flaps
Did it all poor you gone smack shoot flap all rich

(Verse Three)
Bein' a millionaire is just as common as bein' hot in the summer
So many now playin' lottery numbers
I tell God yo' we gotta be dumber and dumber
Like Jim Carrey and ol' boy in that funny movie
Like if we gain every dollar that has ever been printed
And live a life without Jesus and have never repented
That we gon' gain enough to pay for sin
Slip the gatekeeper a couple of tens, to open the gates and let us in
For the love of money is the root of all evil
This greed grows roots in people and then produces evil
Especially dishonest money, it takes on wings as eagles
So if the state don't take your property like Beanie Sigel
Remember Jesus sees you can't serve both God and money
Even if you goin' yummy cause you money hungry
Please remember this while you out there chasin' cheddar
Money don't make you better

(Chorus - 2X)

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