Who You Gon' Be by GAWVI, Israel Houghton, Trip Lee

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Heathen by GAWVI

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Who You Gon' Be
by GAWVI, Israel Houghton, Trip Lee

Album: Heathen
by GAWVI, Israel Houghton, Trip Lee

[Chorus: GAWVI]
'Til you let go, 'til you let go
Who you gon' be inside?
Who you gon', who you gon' be?
'Til you let go, 'til you let go
Who you gon' be inside?
Who you gon', who you gon' be?
'Til you let go, 'til you let go
Who you gon' be inside?
Who you gon', who you gon' be?
'Til you let go, 'til you let go
Who you gon' be inside?
Who you gon', who you gon' be?
'Til you let go, 'til you let go
Who you gon' be inside?
Who you gon', who you gon' be?

[Verse 1: GAWVI]
When I let go I'ma live
I cannot let any, uh
I told you I'm born again, gang, gang
Angels around me I'm floatin'
I do not go with the motions
I don't believe in emotions, motions, hmm, oceans
Oceans of grace flowin' on me
I know the Lord workin' on me
I know they tryin' to stop me
But you cannot stop me
You cannot stop me
You cannot
Uh, they got the Dove and I ran with it
I got the Dove and I plan with it
I told the people they can wit' it
I don't let nobody play wit' me
I got the Lord and my gang wit' me
This is the one, ayo, Broward, my city
I do this for Jesus and everyone with me
Yeah, uh, excuse my French but I'm out here in France
I got things but I don't gotta dance
I got plays but I don't gotta act
I got age but I'm still in the lab
I been out here really on gang
I been out here really on gang
All my drums, yeah, they really gon' bang

[Chorus: GAWVI]
'Til you let go, 'til you let go
Who you gon' be inside?
Who you gon', who you gon' be?
'Til you let go, 'til you let go
Who you gon' be inside?
Who you gon', who you gon' be?

[Post-Chorus: Israel Houghton]
Rejoice in the Lord always
And again I'll say, and again I
Rejoice in the Lord always
And again I'll say, again I'll say
Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
Woah-oh-oh, ooh, ooh (Yessuh)
Ooh, ooh (Uh-huh)

[Verse 2: Trip Lee]
I seen her watch me from the corner (Huh?)
To make sure I can't be who I wanna (Uh)
They policin', they used to keep me under borders
But that's the old me, he a goner (Yeah)
My race but they tryna outrun me (Uh)
Everybody know the best for me but me
They only got a hold on me long as I hold on I let go and I'ma run free
Ask KB got no chain on me (Huh?)
Heart so full got no drain on me (Eh)
No clan got no claim on me
Keep yo' stamp, got His name on me
Can't tie me down
Me and G gotta rise, lead ground
Still tryna recite his renown
This a little piece of the peace we found, yeah

[Chorus: GAWVI]
'Til you let go, 'til you let go
Who you gon' be inside?
Who you gon', who you gon' be?
'Til you let go, 'til you let go
Who you gon' be inside?
Who you gon', who you gon' be?
'Til you let go, 'til you let go
Who you gon' be inside?
Who you gon', who you gon' be?
'Til you let go (Ooh), 'til you let go (Ooh)
Who you gon' be inside?
Who you gon', who you gon' be?

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