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Perry Lane Pack by Hulvey

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Perry Lane
by Hulvey

Album: Perry Lane Pack

Uh, just went to the urgent care
Scared I had a heart attack, my cardiac was Jordan air
Just got out the urgent care
They said I'm perfect, it's anxiety that's killing me
I stop and pray
I just pulled up to Chick-Fil-A
They got the order wrong, was trippin' on 'em
I forgot to show 'em grace
Is there enough to allocate?
So I drove to Crumbl, caught some cookies, put six in a tray
They said, "I play your music every day"
Then it hit me that this carry weight
So anyways, went right back to Chick-fil-A
Asked for the manager, he came to me, smiled in my face
I gave the cookies and apologized for today
He said, "My brother, listen, it's okay
Congratulations on your baby"
Then it hit me that these people watchin' every single move I make
Like the way we dreamed way back in Perry Lane
Way back in Perry Lane

Just got to school at 7:38
Look at the locker, I don't see my name
I look again, maybe just in case
Went to the coach and asked him, "Aye, what happened full of hate"
Full of confliction when I seen his face
There go the man that took my dream away
Couple hours later in the day
I tried to focus on the class, but could not escape
Turned to my left, saw the assistant coach and told him
"Hey, why didn't I make the team?"
He then went on to explain:
"You had support from the head coach
But we ain't choose the same
So shift the blame"
It hit me and I felt the weight

Anyways, I just got a text from 'Crae
Said I need counseling to dig up why I feel this pain
I keep assuming everyone around me feel a way
I guess I'm scared to get cut, just like eleventh grade
My dad called me the other day
Told me he went back to the gym where I couldn't play
Coach said, "Congratulations, your son has truly made it"
Then it hit me that they watchin' every shot I take
Just like the way we dreamed way back in Perry Lane

Way back in Perry Lane
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Way back in Perry Lane
Way back in Perry Lane

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Thank you for this. Glad to read the lyrics tonight. I love them. It is well written! - Jan 2024

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