Be Like Noah by Jim Witter

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All My Life by Jim Witter

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Be Like Noah
by Jim Witter

Album: All My Life
by Jim Witter

Verse I
When I was just a little one
Daddy read a story about a man
who built his own boat
And on a hot desert sand it stood
built on hope out of wood
folks laughed and said it wouldn't float
They said "the nearest sea
is a thousand miles away
That ship will never sail"
He never lost his faith
Then Daddy closed the book he read
and took me and then kissed my head
said "let this lesson light your way"

You gotta do what you've gotta do
You gotta be who you are
Don't let the world hold you down
when you're reaching for your star
Remember, some will follow others
While others follow their hearts
Be like Noah,
build your own ark.

Verse II
I guess I'll always remember
standing in the cold September rain
parking up my car
Daddy stood there on my shoulder
said I can't believe you're old enough
but I guess you are
Now set your course
on what you know is right
Believe in yourself
don't be afraid to try
Cause even eagles fall from heaven
on the day they stop believing
that they can't fly

Repeat Chorus (x2)

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it's a nice album - guest / Jun 19, 2016

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