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Then Things Changed by Joshva

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by Joshva

Album: Then Things Changed
by Joshva

Sometimes I look to the night sky
Pray I find what I might find
If I waited for a lifetime
Would it ever be the right time
I had a talk with a life line
They try and put me in my right mind
And told me everything would be fine
Ever since I been on the decline
Since then I been on the decline

But what am I to do
But what am I to do

I fell in love with a pipe dream
3:30 on the night scene
The conversation was enlightening
But they weren't about the right thing
But girl you bad you enticing
Flashier than lighting
One minute we were flying
Now it's feeling like we dying
It's feeling like we dying

But what am I to do
But what am I to do


I remember when Dom was hooping hard
That's the only time I believed in a shooting star
I gave my life to a pipe dream
I pray to God it's the right thing
The other day I had a conversation
My youngin told me he was trying to save and
He putting money in his mama's savings
While I'm still living out my mama basement
Enough to drive fella crazy
Mama working to full times clocking bout eighty
And I been doing so so slim talk about shady
I'm overly committed to finding out why He made me
And I'm hoping that Linda don't have a baby
Just not until she understand everything that I'm saying
I had to walk away cuz the ground that I stood was shaky
Cuz how am I supposed to choose between you and the One that made me
God this thing is crazy
I know that you need saving but I can't be the savior
Things is complicated I'm praying for consecration
And never confrontation
But you just been trapped in my mind incarceration
I guess this is the cost of waiting
I had to walk away just to forward the situation
If I waited for a lifetime would it ever be the right time
What's love that I make you a wife or the fact I really care for your life
And if we never grow old together
I pray He always keep our souls together
I pray we reaping what we sowed together
I look to Him because He know what's better
But I'm trying do the right thing
But ain't no trophies for the right thing
No MVP's for the right thing
But I still got to do the right thing
I still go to do the right thing

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