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City Lights by Json

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Hustle City
by Json, Boxx

Album: City Lights

Verse 1
Welcome to my city homie you know how it go, how it go
they gone push it all from dodie to the blow for the doe
and get it fast/ his whole life he been struggling
so now he bout that cash/ think he cass how he hustling
back and stomach touching him and dog gotta eat and cant see
no other way he put them paws to the streets what you think
aye get a job/ a job what its good fo'
mom work two 9 to 5′s and we still in the hood though
money is his god he cant see it like he should though
the hustle is the worship of the god that he push fo
so he get a double up fifty then a bopper then
bopper to a quarter he dont think its nothing stopping him
quarter to half a half to a zip though
all so he can sit low with splifs in a six fo
see he worship money cause he really worship things
thats why Christ cant be his Lord cause he wanna be the king
thats how it is in hustle city


Verse 2

Even them youngins bout that paper paper paper chasing getting change
Rep your hood every blocks a different gang let it bang
Watch your back them Jack boys they will clap you
See back in the 80′s Cali cats they brought that crack through
Since them it's been on everybody's now a hustler
That's why it's hustle city & the smokers is the customers
But what they don't know while you pushing rock shinning in yo whip
The whole worlds Gods block & ain't no grinding on his strip
& that goes for any hood any block that you run at
he fronted us life flipped right that will come back
And that's in Christ homie all that we need
worth more than any water,x,crack or weed in hustle city


Verse 3

Now let me tell'em bout my little section were we repping
you come through with that disrespecting itll be a wrapped
police gone come back round asking and if you happen
to have seen what happen we suggest you shut your trap then
This hustle city bout the green even them young boys grind mean
holing big weight in them skinny jeans
living just to get the cream to its just a dream
but this our reality trust me homie its not a scheme
so to get they whip game proper theyll whip cain proper
for that all mighty dollar
holler partner we cant be moved and wont be budged
not knowing that for each and every sin we will be judged
for every rock that sold for every rello rolled
for every cutlass montecarlo that we ever stole
will cost us our soul unless we switch the goal
hustles city we get it in homie now you know

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