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City Lights by Json

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Hope U See
by Json

Album: City Lights

Verse 1
Christ he back slapped sin and choke slam death the real rock/
The he put the grave in a headlock/
They all had to tap out/
Cause it's all been mapped out/
The words like protools you'll see the whole thing tracked out /
But when I say I get it from him/
Y'all don't hear me though/
But trust that's why I wrestle my sin/
Like Rey mysterio/
See Christians should be showing the word closed caption/
Well why u like a romance comedy no action/
Real. Christians please stand up/
Gone head and man up/
Even if they blam blam us let's stand there like and what/
We on lock down homie you see them handcuffs/
We run the race with full horse power call us a ram truck/


If you riding through the streets/
If you nodding to this beat/
I hope you see that I'm alive because he died to set me free/
It's The Christ
Who then saved who then raised who then made me
It's The Christ
Who then saved who then raised who then made me

Verse 2

I found out I couldn't save myself all I had was dead words/
I died to follow Christ and jumped in the grave head first/
see he bled worst the rock is divine/
made me a transformer optimus prime/
changed my whole frame up slayed the grave/
and made your boy get low like a razor fade/
all that to say he humbled me/
and daily he will crumble me/
till the day he comes for me making me what he wants to see/
I know what want from relax yourself/
now add it up now what you get when you subtract yourself/
I couldn't handle the grave his wrath was to much trouble/
Christ the sacrifice stood in/ CUT/ Stunt Double/


Verse 3

That's why I spit bars of life you can get life in these bars right now/
Like you doing a bid in rike ile/
Got punchlines of truth adlibs of his glory/
Overdubs of love we spit to give Him glory/
Look me ain't my focus my boastings dead/
But I know I'm easy to crush like a loaf of bread/
So I rhyme about the blood covered over my head/
Took the cross off my neck it's on my shoulder instead/
Ya boy dead and I only wanna model Him/
All I do is retweet every since I have followed Him/
My life homie that's been purchased/
Find out that ya boy bleed Christ if you just scratch the surface/


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