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Life On Life by Json

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What It Do
by Json

Album: Life On Life

Verse 1 Titus

Hey what it do, does the truth came down your avenue

Givin' you that 20/20 but no need for attributes

So see that Christ is king well what's inside your treasure chest

Don't know why God? We murderers we kill the flesh

We serve the best He crush the rest I thought I told you
Our King so great He makes Alexander look mediocre

Now hold up, no sir, boy you must be trippin'

The resurrection from Christ affliction has been redemption

If you say we rippin' but don't get it you should reverse it

Come back to the first look how 'cause Christ is the top of your purpose

So what you stoppin' for? Go give them what they askin' for

Christ loved us so much he died for sin, high metaphor

Look at the picture boy we in this grind we goin' true

Like Catholic sinners we bring our confessions right into the booth

100 fruits go blend it in, this here is absolute

Like Tropicana juice we bear the fruit, now tell me 

Hook Json & Trip Lee

Hey whatchu do?
Daily dyin', I ain't mine, I belong to him

Hey whatchu do?
Holy grind, all the time, on the grind for him

Hey whatchu do?
Renew my mind, all the time, when I'm in the streets

Hey what it do?

You might find me, and mine when you're on the streets

That's what it do

Already make it do what it do

That's what it do

Already make it do what it do

That's what it do

Already make it do what it do

That's what it do

Already make it do what it do

That's what it do

Verse 2 Trip Lee

Hey you got questions for me like what I'm doin' on a daily basis?

I love the light and hate the dark, since I been saved I'm racist

I'm trying to rep the God who saved me, said he'd trade me places

And by his grace my ways was straightened like them legs with braces

I'm tryin' to grow up in the faith forget them baby skaters

That's why I'm training every day like I play for the Lakers

My crew reveal with Him man, we took his grace and drank it

Some call it drunk in the Spirit but you might say I'm wasted
And cats is burnin' to know
What's poppin' after the music stops and them curtains is closed

Yes sir we servin' and we worship Him, we certainly go

And hit the curb 'cause cats is hurtin' and this world doesn't know him

That's why we servin' in whole, we reimburse as we go

Gettin' to cats so they can know Him, they can learn and be grown
This life is harder when my back's on the wall

But remind myself that my own self is dead, casket and all

Hook Json & Trip Lee

Verse 3 Json
I rep Christ (rep Christ) 'cause I know for my sins he was martyred

I die with him so say hello to the dearly departed

Perhaps you might hear me rappin', I'm not nearly an artist

The fact is I happen to spit like I'm really retarded

Was weary-hearted when Christ came in and then did an audit

Saw that the law demanded that every man would live Godless

But then he switched my aim, gave me a new direction

I live to lift his name, hope you see a reflection

I resemble my daddy, not in physical either

I personally inherited his character feature (that's what it do)

So yeah my pants is baggy and still my fitted lean

But if my head cause me to sin then bring on the guillotine

See my actions have stopped since I'm attached to the Rock

Who died and popped out the grave like a Jack-in-the-Box
Who you know murdered death huh? Well then death couldn't murder

It's Christ the King we rep, with every breath we give Him worship

Hook Json & Trip Lee

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