Hood Scholar by Ki'Shon Furlow, Aha Gazelle

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Hood Scholar
by Ki'Shon Furlow, Aha Gazelle

Album: Keep An Open Mind

Hook: Ki'Shon Furlow
Mommy said get good grades, I'll look smarter
Took that then flipped that with my hood partners
He done turned himself into a hood scholar
Still getting these hood dollars (Free!)
Am I trap booming, booming?
Boy we got that work
Am I trap booming, booming?
Boy we got that work
Am I trap booming, booming?
That music is what we serve
Am I trap booming, booming?
Got that work (Booming, booming)
Boy we got

Verse 1: Ki'Shon Furlow
Oh 'Shon been in the lab
I'm bringing back that potion
Hood scholar
Getting hood dollars
I ain't even have to be the dopeman
Got new cuts waiting on the trackfiends
Yeah, I'm from the hood but I still got a glass screen
Jumping over hurdles like I'm running on the track team
Trying make a full time gig from the rap thing
Way, way, wait, way, way too lit
Tell 'em you can catch the wave, cool ship
I've been up for seven days doing this
This what happen when you raised brewing hits
Every time I hit the block, it's going off
Rakarakaraka, choppers going off
Shoutout to a high God influenced ?
You know we've been eating
Tell 'em hold the salt, man
Hook: Ki'Shon Furlow

Verse 2: Aha Gazelle
(It's Aha)
All I need is a million dollars
Sitting on the table if that makes sense
I'm the boy with all black and gold
With the upside down crucifix
Heard they got it all on video
So you might just wanna YouTube this
I'm not saying that I'm Micheal Jordan
All I'm saying is if the shoe fits
People perish for the lack of knowledge
So I went to college
What you trying to tell me?
Not only did I go, I graduated
Feel immaculated
What you trying to sell me?
They lack the drive, they taking ferries
They wanna play like Tyler Perry
Remember when they told me I couldn't rap
So now I sing like Mary Mary
(Am I trap booming?)
I don't think y'all understand how I feel
(Am I trap booming?)
I wish I could've went on a date with Aleah
(Am I trap booming?)
Never pushed dope and never sold any pills
(Am I trap booming?)
I mean it when I say Netflix & Chill

Outro: Ki'Shon Furlow
Oh, you got my trap booming
Don't know how you do it
Day to day, when I'm working, in classes
And trying to make with this music
You let me do it
Thought that I would lose, yeah
You got my trap
Am I trap booming, booming?
You got my trap
Never gotta move
It's where I always go
Yeah, you got my trap booming

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