The Opening by Ki'Shon Furlow

Song Lyrics

The Opening
by Ki'Shon Furlow

Album: Keep An Open Mind

Mario got your back!
Free! Luke!

Verse 1
This is the opening, not of the album
Silly but of your mind
I'm a comic, Hobbes and Calvin
Really I'm with the tiger, by His stripes
We were all healed but in this Jungle Book it's Shere Khan ?
Creative thinking, yo I swear I'm Mowgli with the fire
Prometheus inbound, even moguls could get fired
The meaning is profound, my reasoning is sound
Back it up, add it up so when it's totaled I'm the driver
Since a young 'un I came across as a know-it-all
Natasha Romanoff, black intelligence
I'm lacking hesitance, I'm heaven sent
Speaking for the Holy God
I get my drive from the Son like a solar car
Ring-ring, it's my business extension
Jobs to extinguish the ignant's position
Listen, extinction's realistic
I'll bring 'em salvation without the religion
Uh, my God, my God
They gon' think I lost my mind, my heart
Still new-faced till the time I part
So you can just nod while I prime y'all thoughts

They say we breaking holy bread
Something like the vine
They say I'm going overhead
Did it by design
I know it's got a weird feel
Hear that all the time
But you just keep your ears peeled
And keep an open mind

Verse 2
Hate and jealousy circulate with a broken meaning
Yeah they salty off the top so it's open season
Scoping heaters, yeah I hunt mine with firearms
Captain Falcon, yeah I punch lines but firearms
Aimed at the breathless in their chest
So it's CPR
You can feel impressed but as you guessed
I don't see PR
But my ortes make 'em rewind
Like a VCR
Why they sleeping on me? I'm recording
I'm the DBR
Yeah, resuscitating the genre with pros, prolific flows and bowls full of piranhas
We ain't the big kahunas but Shon still eating though
Peep the flow
You can see I pack it like some sweetened loaf
But this is pure cane so even if the Devil's on your heels this can cure pain
Unless it's champagne
In that case the open lids open lids, pour a swig till we hit our marks like we socialist know again



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