Get Loose by Krum, Adan Bean, Elias

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Blue Eyed Devil by Krum

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Get Loose
by Krum, Adan Bean, Elias

Album: Blue Eyed Devil

We could call it, ah... a little piece of your makeup. A crumb off the crust of your structure. A fragment of an atom of your being! Or a...
Or a what?
A soul...
Heh heh heh heh heh ha... you're the Devil

Chorus 1: Krum
I looked into the Devil's eyes
And this is what I saw
A stone-faced stare just as cold as ice
And my reflection on the wall

Verse 1: Krum
(Ha) but I figured nobody's perfect
Looked into the eyes of the serpent
Asked myself how was it worth it
Why did I purchase lies from a snake oil merchant
When I just want a life with a purpose
And when it ain't workin' and when your heart's broken
Sometimes you gotta crack it all wide open
For yourself. And when the dust settle
Imma grab ahold, beat the Hell out the Devil
I ain't tryna save a seat on the throne of my heart for untruth
Face to face with Beelzebub, his eyes were blue
It's the thorn in flesh, shoe with the pebble
Christian rock and roll, get to Hell with the Devil
Get loose
But you gotta look up

Verse 2: Adan Bean
On Earth as it is in Heaven, Thy Kingdom come
But in the by and by we'll stand eye to eye when our heart resembles the Evil One
We're told that we will see him. But no one ever told us that we might be him
When our sins indict us on all counts of divine treason the Imago Dei is on the face of this heathen
From Satan's playpen we then find ourselves simple men of dirt
Living beneath our calling and our worth, willing instruments in the Devil's handiwork
"Better the devil you know that the one you don't" I do not know if that is true
Because the devil best known is the one shown to look just like you
Get loose

Chorus 2: Elias
I looked into the Devil's eyes
And this is what I saw
Slick blue eyes that are cold as ice
My reflection on the wall

Outro: Shel Silverstein
Come to think of it those eyes were blue
I think those eyes were blue!

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