Holy, Holy, Holy by Kurt Carr

Song Lyrics

Holy, Holy, Holy
by Kurt Carr

Album: Setlist - The Very Best of Kurt Carr

We hope you just open up your mouth and glorify god
Has he done anything for you

Worthy to be praised,Worthy to be praised

Cant you hear the angels,crying holy,holy,holy,holy,
Cant you hear the angels,crying holy

Lets set the atmosphere,for a blessing
Lets set the Atmosphere,for a mighty move of god

Is it alright if we just take a minute
To set the atmosphere
For a blessing

Theres a blessing in the room tonight
Theres a miracle in the room tonight
There's a financial brake through in the room tonight

Who's gonna guess,Who's Gonna Guess

Is it you (5 times)

My brothers and my sisters
I said my brothers and sisters
Did you not hear me my brothers and my sisters

We're not standing here tonight to entertain you

But we come to remind you (4 times)

When praises go up (4 times)

Kurt:(What happens)

Blessings come down

Kurt:(Come somebody open up your mouth and just bless God,
come on bless him in here)

Kurt:How many of you really need something from God
Listening to me on this record I dont know what you going through but God said you can get your brake through to tonight

Kurt:Look at at somebody and say Im going to my brake through tonight,
Turn around behind you and say im going in instantanis brake through

Kurt:Now you praying and seeking God and fasting and when you God
do you really have faith that he can do it, do you serve a God that is able, do you serve a God that is strong and mighty
Well if you so

Kurt: Can I tell you how to get your brake through right now
Say Kurt Carr
How can I get my brake through right now
You dont know what im going through you dont know what i've been through
This is how you can get your brake though tonight

Choir: Reach up and Grab
(Come on reach up by faith)
Reach up and Grab
(Come on by faith reach up and get it)
Reach up and Grab
(Reach up)
Reach up and Grab
(It's yours)

Choir:Is it yours
(Tonight it's yours)
Is it yours
(What you been prayin for is yours)
Is it yours
Is it yours
Is it yours
(Now thank God for it,Alleuigh come on thank God For it Alleuigh

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