Cross I Carry by LZ7

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Ruckus by LZ7

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Cross I Carry
by LZ7

Album: Ruckus
by LZ7

I'm bruised and broken here again a traitor to my closest friend
I try to understand this love, my hands are covered with your blood.

I see the pain in his eyes as they crushed his face, pullin' flesh from his bones as they ripped his back, lacerated skin whip still cuttin' within', copious blood loss thorns slammed in his head, I see the nails sink deep in his hands and his feet, his body shaking people spitting still says father forgive them, bones dislocate, lungs collapse do you see this, as he breaths his last, he cries out it is finished.

Whats it gonna' take, whats it gonna' take, am I gonna' break everytime the road gets dirty, have I got the faith can I take the pace everything's drying up on this crazy journey.
Heavy on my mind gotta' try to find, try to find a way to this path you’ve chosen, gotta' never doubt, gotta' work it out, trying not to
drop this cross I carry.

Broken, hopeless, downright dirty but you are holy, gracious, mercy and you will save me, lift me, take me. I was blind now I can see.

So you heard it all there do you just sit and stare as if all didn't happen man it's the truth, gospel straight up roots. Jesus Christ ain't a cuss and as he hung on the cross he took what we should've got. If you don't have it better get it now, turn your life around outta' the darkness stepping into the light and if you got it better live keep believing it still pick up ya' cross everyday and keep running the race.


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