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Aftershow by LZ7

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by LZ7

Album: Aftershow
by LZ7

Hello, can you hear the music playing?
I know that there's something going on
Hey yo, can you hear me through the speakers?
Hello, do you hear me calling out?

So gas, I'ma blast through, come alive, I'ma ask you
When the lights go down, are you with this
Yo take my advice, come on risk it
Let ya hair down, shake the stress off
Leave the week's trash on the desktop
It's a Friday, it's that feeling
Leave it there, it's the weekend

When the sun goes down, it's time to live it up
See the city lights shine for you
We gonna bring it all night til we come alive
And get down down down here's what ya gotta do:
Want you to dance like it's ya last hour
Let go, let the music take you up
Hey yo, I could stay here forever and escape to beautiful
Na na na na na na na na na
Let's get down down down and escape to beautiful

Hello, it's like a new beginning
So, and I'm living out this feeling
My wish, I could stay here forever and ever
Ever, ev-ever

Could this get any better? I've got an ocean villa
Big surf, sunsets, this beach life washed out the winter
Yeah, leave your stress aside, time to start the weekend off right
If I got you then I'm doing alright
I'm kind of in love with this beautiful life


My world's got a new horizon
And I wanna share it with you
And we'll go where the sun is shining
And escape to beautiful

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