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Aftershow by LZ7

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by LZ7

Album: Aftershow
by LZ7

Livin life hard in the fast lane, man I had no regard
Livin it all outta balance, bit by bit I was falling apart
Never saw the sights, couldn't read the signs
Was it in the stars? All the time fate was feeding me lies
Was I believing the science? Was it all coincidence?
Was there any chance it was all an accident?
Yea could that be true that all of this was made up without you?
I'm guilty as charged, but with you it begun
The truth of the matter is you knew me from

First breath to first cry, opened these eyes
You hold it all in your hands

Like a beautiful symphony, this live you've given me
It's a beautiful symphony, and I would be a wreck without ya
I don't know where I'd be without ya

I'ma tell it to the world, vocal, I'ma give it all I got, total
While you're over there chillin on your ones, I believe it, stick to my guns
From the galaxies and back to anemina, all designed as unique as a retina
On the next life I'm wondering why, he threw the stars up and he lit up the sky

Could you take a second and come walk with me
Away from the city lights, up in the hills we can actually see
This amazing arrangement, hardly ever seen
Hand painted, stars pinned up, all each in their perfect placement
It's kinda crazy, right, yea, this beautiful life
Overlooked, taken for granted, we all have a purpose, the trick is to find it
Like parts to a symphony, what good is one voice, no harmonies?
Or no melodies?

You make it beautiful, b-b-beautiful
When you're chillin on your ones, I'ma stick to my guns
You make it beautiful, b-b-beautiful
When you're chillin on your o-o-ones, I'ma stick to my guns

We all need each other, one voice, one choir
One hope, something higher
Try love instead of lighting fires
Unless that fire's gonna light the dark
Put it up high, make your mark
If we can make music together
I guarantee that we'd dance forever

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