Leave Here by Michael Tait, Rebecca St. James, Paul Wright

Song Lyrics

Leave Here
by Michael Tait, Rebecca St. James, Paul Wright

Album: Hero - The Rock Opera
by Michael Tait, Rebecca St. James, Paul Wright

Leave Here
Lk 9:51-56

Oh the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand
And if a man would see Heaven
Let him follow the footsteps in his heart
And love the Lord his God
With all his heart, with all his soul
With all his strength and might

Who does this man think He is?
None of us need His help
Why don't You just take
You're big Kingdom to someone else
You shouldn't be here
We don't need You tellin' us
How we should live our lives
How do we know You're not just
Tellin' a pack of lies
You shouldn't be here
Leave here
We don't welcome any outsider inside the gang
We're just malcontents
But content to keep things the same
You better leave here
We don't take our spiritual guidance from vagabonds
We don't need a miracle worker to wave his wand
We'll make You leave here

What's the matter with you mental giants
Just afraid of what you can't explain
He only offers you a chance to try it
But all you do is mock Him and complain

Hey, girl, let's remind you of something that you forget
You're just one of us, so go work it and paint your lips
We don't need you tellin' us
How we should live our lives
How do we know You're not just
Tellin' a pack of lies
Tell Him to leave here

You really hate it when a person changes
Do you feel better when you call me names?
My life's been clean since I met this stranger
And all he does is offer you the same

Leave here - better leave here!
Hey! Hey! Leave here!
Leave here - better leave here!
We don't need you - need you
We don't need want - want you
We don't need you - need you
Get out! Get out!
We don't need you - need you
We don't need want - want you
We don't need you - need you
Get out! Get out!

Get back! Stand back!
Before I do something that I regret
These two come in peace
And that's something you can't forget
Everyone leave here
Let me friends go! Let my friends go!

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