Dr. Malcolm by Nomis, Jurny Big

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Socially Just by Nomis

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Dr. Malcolm
by Nomis, Jurny Big

Album: Socially Just

V1 (Nomis):
shallow waters in the talent pool
you rose up from a city where the odds were insurmountable
your bank is bountiful but now a town of fools are drowning
in the life you preach but you refuse to be accountable
this word power is no joke, with limited slow growth, and those defending it are known as feminine
well if you're seeing us as women then, the ending to your primitive ways today are seeming imminent
your team they benefit from a despicable arrangement
instead of taking blame you claim its "only entertainment"
only for the famous, look at the sum of it
a mans responsible for self but yo we carry some of it
a person with a platform is a leader, for the fact that he has one
your tracks show if you're a good or a bad one
and I ain't saying you cant have fun
but your biggest fan he aspires to the grams and just to have guns

V2 (Jurny Big):
the puppet master in a three piece suit
keep strings on his fingers see what these things do
you wiggle his index and then sex we're spilling
objectifying our daughters and mothers of our children
the power lies in the hands of the puppeteer
because he shower mine with advance when I signed and made it clear
that, as long as I'm selling and telling its my story
I can embellish and relish in my glory
and never mind the topic of my discussion
my optic 'cause thats the substance that got the industry buzzing
the sound, of the humming means money is coming in
and thats the hymn that made "YOLO" an acronym
but, the truth is we almost always 'gon lack immunity
long as we choose to sing off the backs of the black community
cracks in the arm is what children is getting taught
and man if the karma ain't even give us a second thought

V3 (Nomis):
these suit & ties got no conscience
taking young women and men who've got no constants
and give them a pen, to show nonsense with no content
promote convicts so now Nomis gotta go conscious
its so common but bet that
later when arrested or they're laid to rest that labels gonna step back
with no comment. Ain't getting help from no congress
you get shot then little homie you die, this is no comic
I want to go vomit, the truth is sickening
for all of you thats listening, my words the antihistamine
misplace of the mystery
1980s privatized prisons in the US homie you can check the history
the signing of N.W.A., quite a coincidence
sentence my sentiment to pilate
you're turning on the TV what is highlit? Then you act surprised
asking, "why all those black sell drugs and act violent?"

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