Look Around by Pettidee

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Look Around
by Pettidee

Album: Race 2 Nowhere - Instrumentals
by Pettidee

1st Verse
He lookin for jobs, she lookin for funds
Mama's of the Iraq soldiers is lookin for sons

He lookin retirement, they ain't lookin to pay
He lookin for who took away his 401k

He lookin to stay, she lookin to leave
She laughin while he beg and plead and walk on his knees

He look for revenge for all the games she played
He killed his wife in broad day and just walked away

Dealer lookin for junkie, junkie lookin for fix
And she lookin to meet rent, so she lookin for tricks

We fake like we got it all and lookin for nothing
But take a look, we like lookin
We lookin for something

2nd Verse
Child lookin for parent, parent lookin for child
We all lookin for the capture of a pedophile
Lookin for our soldier's doin what they can
Dying in a foreign land at the hand of the taliban
We still lookin for peace at home, in the hood
Hey look, we glorify killin like killin is good
And good is bad, lovin Jesus is soft
But you da hardest thing around
Lord, I pray for the lost
I pray for the boss, who cutting the cost
Who have to reluctantly tell them he layin them off

We wait and take a fake look, like we nothing for nothing
Look around cause everybody is lookin for something

3rd Verse
Lookin for relief, Katrina, have people forgotten
And tell me when we stop lookin for Osama Bin Laden

People loosin their home, lookin for places to live
The food banks hurtin, lookin for places that give

Lookin for anything to relieve the stress
America's on a pill poppin junkie express

We lookin for the next rehab and the grave
A medicated nation new way of makin a slave

If you lookin for God, only one is the Christ
The one beat, died, rose and gave you your life

Ultimate sacrifice, price is costing you nothing
Shed His blood and love
Everybody lookin for something

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