You Sound Funny by Playdough

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You Sound Funny
by Playdough

Album: Don't Drink the Water
by Playdough

You sound funny, all about money
Cars and clothes, you got no flows
Your rap sounds funny, all about money
Cars and clothes, you got no flows but nobody knows

Collectin' your respectin' when I'm startin' my rhymin', it's like this world is caught up in material blindin', their necklace shinin', they're findin' the spotlight, but nobody spoke up and told them they couldn't rock right, my blade in the cock fight just slices what's not tight, my paper mate could cover up your wackness with off-white, your money is alright but chase it with all might you'll come to ruin on the day your papers have caught flight, you ought might chase somethin' with some real value, give the people somethin' that they needed with the style you chose to cash, might be makin' loot in a flash, but yo you can't cash respect or write out a check for everything that you sing about, what you care about will be stayin' in these whereabouts here, this earth is gonna pass but some things will outlast everything that you can taste smell feel see and hear

It's a disease, the stupidity, these shallow Hal emcees, while I got a Kraft with no cheese, no please, my stomach is full, so I'ma pour it out until the crowd is bangin' their skull, and I got some pull to put a couple people on the guest list, I'll make it endless, once I was friendless, but now I've got a few because I found what the trend is, I know they're not realistic but I'm cool with pretenders, they're diggin' the fenders on these Escalades, while I'm '91 Escortin' on some 20 inch blades like I'm gettin' paid, and everyone laid, stretched their hands out, gave me a five, we look the same but I stand out, cause of my gold fronts, I'm only told once to be quick and come up with an album that the world wants, and so my crew flaunts bling while we sing, keep it real cause we all know it ain't about skill

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