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by Propaganda, Derek Minor

Album: Nothing But A Word

Intro: Propaganda
You don't even know who's on the other side of that computer
It could be a robot, a twelve-year-old
Y'all all in a huff

I don't even what's wrong wit y'all?
I ain't mad at all
Trust me I'm so uninvolved
Life if so more than this y'all

I'm just here for the comments
I'm just here for the comments
I'm just here for the comments
I'm just here for the comments

Verse 1
I'm just here for the comments
Binary statements made me vomit (vomit)
It's a beautiful day man I'd rather go play outside if I'm honest (honest)
And anything I say won't convince you anyway, oh I got it (got it)
You opinion God sent, everybody wrong, this gettin' awkward
Information cycle so polarizing, the barrage is constant
I beseech you it's so beneath to believe this nonsense
Getting baited into debate that ends you and y'all can't stop it
The shocking optics, y'all think it's God sent?
This ain't good for our souls
This ain't good for our goals
People are more, people weird
People are complex, y'all gotta hear
Bait and switch us, Russian bots, the hate that's in us, fail them not
Pain is real but we gotta stop
Never mind please just post more memes

I'm just here for the comments
I'm just here for the comments
I'm just here for the comments
I'm just here for the comments

Verse 2
No no no don't take that clickbait!
They they they get checks when we we we we debate
This ain't a deep state
Some of that news fake
But some of it's real
Some of its true
We all gotta deal
Permission to enter Xanadu
Man I ain't mad at you when I at you, bruh
Believe me, I did my homework before speaking on any attribute, bruh
How what a total stranger say could ruin your day is beyond me, bruh
How they get some much space inside your psyche? It's psycho bruh
Stand up, man up, say what you mean
The only way dirty words seem kinda clean
You don't like what they say keep scrolling
I'mma live life like it's golden
I'm so cool with not knowing it all
I'mma take a learner position
You could finally learn to listen
And maybe change your disposition, ah

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