Entrance by Rapzilla, Arrow, Nic D, Kurtis Hoppie, Kamban

Song Lyrics

by Rapzilla, Arrow, Nic D, Kurtis Hoppie, Kamban

Album: Entrance - Single

Verse 1: Kurtis Hoppie
I been workin' way too late, on the low, low
Steady vibes, I ain't answerin' my phone, no
I got dreams, I got plans, for the growth, growth
I wanna see fruit, so I stay planted in the truth, yeah
That's what I believe, yeah
Something's 'bout to change
Walkin' in my vision from 2015
It's beginning, yeah
Welcome to the reign
Marchin' through the swing on like a soldier for the king
Where do I go now? Yeah
Heaven in motion, I had to slow down
Whoa, now, yeah
Caught myself tryna move on my own, well
Oh no
Said I'm driven by a higher will
God said: "I move mountains"
Call me crazy, I believe Him still, yeah
This here bigger than me
It's not gonna change, either
This is a message from a flawed man to a flawed land, we need Jesus
Some of y'all need some wisdom
Everybody need some change
Some of y'all love to hate, yeah, I love 'em anyway, yeah
This my freshman entrance
Some gon' shoot back like Wesson
This my long shot, I'm Lillard
Upsets and broken records, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yahweh the truth and the life
I need supreme at my side
I sign my name on the dotted line, it's Kurtis Hoppie

Verse 2: Nic D
They tried to, work on the low
But they couldn't
I guess it's the more you know
You should speak less, don't feel me?
Why you take lil' cocoa on the low?
Why you speak love, why you lift up?
They don't like that, caught in a hole
That what he said, that what she said
I guess they just report the news
It just love, it just talent
Watch me split that ninety-ten
Probably couldn't, probably shouldn't
Probably wouldn't, pipe the lane
Watch them reach that, I defeat that
Time and time and time again
They get rematch, after rematch, I three-peat that
That's the plan
Ch-change talk, man that's freedom, yeah
I do this for a reason, yeah
I don't need this to eat on, yeah
But if it feed me, I'm eatin', yeah
Where they from, La-La Land?
Hogans left and designer pants
I've been lookin' for patience
Probably lost with my tolerance
Lost my voices, 'bout that time
Upside down, the frown is mine
Drop them tens, I'm countin' dimes
Crossin' off, and county lines
Is this good?
They put a thumb up like they wanna catch a ride
I been droppin' stuff all summer, now I feel like next in line
That's my pride, that's my ego (Ego, ego, ego, ego...)
This my tribe, these my people (People, people, people, people...)
Said you're gonna break the chains, oh
Tears and drowns, I need a rainbow

Verse 3: Kamban
Satan tryna keep me bound
Stomach problems got me freakin' out
All these holes in my heart, got me leakin' out, numb it down
I don't wanna feel it now
So much stress up on my head that I don't speak about
Yeah, I'm still believin', walk with God like this is Eden
But I don't got no Eve, wear my heart on my sleeve
This is hard, got some scars, tryna start, but I'm on E
Like what's a car without the key?
And what's this life without my Jesus, homie? (Woo!)
All these attacks on my health
'Cause I go to battle with hell
I go to battle with all of my people
The devil so mad, you can tell
I'm never bowin' to Baal
We 'bout to shatter the spell
I'm 'bout to whip you, I'll give you the choice
What you want, the paddle or belt?
I've been in 2 wrecks going seventy miles
And without a scratch on my scalp
They tried to muzzle your boy
Can't put no cap on us now
Plus, ain't no backin' us down
I do this rap with a smile
In the face of my enemy
Ain't no offending me
My God defendin' me
Whole life been snatchin' me out

Outro: Kamban
Arrow, this beat was fire, bro
Shoutout Kurtis, shoutout Nic

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