All In by Rawsrvnt, Pettidee, Teron Carter

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Shut It Down by Rawsrvnt

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All In
by Rawsrvnt, Pettidee, Teron Carter

Album: Shut It Down
by Rawsrvnt, Pettidee, Teron Carter

[Chorus: Pettidee]
Man you rolling with the squad / Fall in / Watch us go against the odds / Yep / All in / We never fall for the losses / All wins / Took the title like bosses / All wins / Never back down / Don't ever back down / You wanna fight against the fire / Bring it back round / Yeah you rolling with the squad / We all in / Yep / Rolling with the squad / All in

[Verse 1: Rawsrvnt]
I'm ten toes down / In this thang / I got my whole squad with me / And we running thangs / Highlight after highlight / I took the high road / Man we call that the high life / Don't think twice / Yeah / About crossing me ever / I never back down boy / Nah / Never / Yeah / I'm Mike Tyson with a right hook / You step inside the ring I'll sting ya / And leave you straight shook / And you know that is every time / Don't need to sweat me every time / I know where my help comes from / It's the fire boy / Don't be no dum dum


[Verse 2: Pettidee]
Yeah you rolling with the¬ big dog and OG's / Raw Dawg¬ / Mr. Carterboy / And Pettidee / We got ya crunk¬ / Way back¬ / Now we back round / To turn it up¬ / And light the fire / And bring it back down / And everybody know we known to lay the smack down / Whole stadium crazy / They don't know how to act now / You with these Florida boys / Here to get the crowd lit / The roof is on fire¬ / Let's see how wild can y'all get / You ain't know¬ / You just walked into a Hurricane / Got the people¬ swanging from every thang¬ like orangutans / We in this thang like the chain gang¬ / Fall in / Welcome to the squad¬ / We go hard / Yep / All in


[Verse 3: Teron Carter]
Carterboy the Silencer / AKA "The Quiet One" / Quick to turn the temp up / And heat it into a violent one / Truth spilling / Get in your feelings / Remove the ceiling / Let God do all the killing / And I'll just pull the trigger / Hebrew / That new new / That true Jew / That black Jesus / Fall through / My same crew / The day ones / Who gone see us / That Pettidee / That Rawsrvnt / That uncut / That nose bleeding / No punchlines / These steel bars / That straight drop in due season / Timeless / Lyrical heimlich / My people suffocating / Rhymes written clearing the air / Here to resuscitate them / Last but never least / I'm like the beauty within the beast / Ain't no retreat / Could never be / 'Cause I was born to take it deep / All in


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