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No Ordinary Love by Rawsrvnt

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Be With You
by Rawsrvnt

Album: No Ordinary Love
by Rawsrvnt

Be with You
Just to be with You
There's nothing more I want
Than to be with You
(Repeat x 4)

(Verse 1)
I'm admiring You
And all that You do
From the moment I breathe
To the thought of thinking of You
Everything down to second I'm in
Got me marinating on just how cool You is
I'm like a kid
Sitting at a candy store
And all I keep saying is Lord
Man I want more
Of Your goodness
Filled with Your mercy of course
'Cause the two go together like carrots and corn
Where's the beef
Man I ain't got none
'Cause You filled me Your peace
So I don't need guns
I'm on that
Super duper relax high
Loving life past the day that I die
I got my arms stretched wide
Like I'm ready to fly
So I just take off
And pass cloud nine
'Cause my time
Is focused on being with You
There's nothing more I want
Than to be with You


(Verse 2)
I'm in awe of You
I ain't afraid to say it
You got me caught up
Like when Ben met the parents
I'm all tongue tied
Wondering what I should say next
My mind says something
But it don't reach my lips
So I chill just bit
So I don't get nervous
'Cause You know me Mang
I ain't 'bout perking
I tell like it is
No time for rehearsing
So I stay at it
I'm constantly working
On expressing my gratitude
Especially for the times
You loved me as a fool
That's the truth and that You can bet it
The apple of my eye
Don't You ever forget it
You got my arms stretched wide ready to get in it
Your loves so rich
It's beyond exquisite
I'm living just to be with You
There's nothing more I want
Than to be with You


I wanna get closer
(Yeah I wanna get closer to You Lord)
I wanna get closer to You
(Yeah I wanna get so close to You)
(Repeat x 2)

(Verse 3)
I can search the whole the world and I won't find another
Closer to my heart than my wifey and my mother
The most high God who treats me like a lover
Won't treat you like E.T. and keep you undercover
I keep You on blast
I remember when I used to hear Ya name I would suck my teeth and then I laugh
But You still loved me
No matter what I been through
No matter what my sins do
You write 'em with a pencil
Wanna follow Your ways like pens through a stencil
My tension was mental
My pension is in You
Even though the recession got me stressing
I've learned a lesson that my blessing is in You
And that's why I call You my Daddy
I'm so glad Your not mad at me
With a love so true
'Cause all I was wanna do is just be with You


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