Jesus Jam by Rawsrvnt

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Love Deluxe by Rawsrvnt

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Jesus Jam
by Rawsrvnt

Album: Love Deluxe
by Rawsrvnt

Let's rock
Let's move
Playa do what it do
Let's rock
Let's move
Let's do what it do

(Chorus A)
We want a Jesus Jam
We want a Jesus Jam
One that'll slam jam
And have us moving our hands
Enjoying the freedom in the Great I Am

(Chorus B)
We want a Jesus Jam (Repeat x 4)

(Verse 1)
Aight I'm back again
Got my tee and my jeans
And my fresh fitted
Born in the South
Loving how I live
Florida boy
So you know how it is
And how it be
And whus hatnen
Got a sneak peek to the main attraction
Freed from sin with life everlasting
Regardless if a gun go click click blasting
We gonna enjoy the weather
And the treasure
At the end of the rainbow
Even when the sunsets down on the halo
We ain't gonna stop
'Cause we know where our faith goes
On and on and on
And on and on and on
Man it don't stop
Keep that thing moving
Whether it's rap or some punk rock
Have you in the back
Yelling back
Man you rock

(Chorus A)
(Chorus B)

(Verse 2)
Who wanna
We got it
We did it
Brought the whole crew
So you know we gonna kick it
Time to hit the road and pay states a visit
Get ya bouncing and shaking and moving to the music
We wanna party and groove
With a diverse city
You know who
Jesus my Savior and thesis
Put Him on my ringtone
'Cause I gotta witness
And share this joy
That's been burning in my heart and my soul
It don't even matter if you're young
Or you're old
Truth gotta be told
To your zip code
So let it be known
In and out your city
Jesus is the one that loves you without no pity
So crank them amp's up
We 'bout to blow the roof off
With a jam that'll have you saying
Boy that's tough

(Chorus A)
(Chorus B)

We wanna jam
Let's jam (Repeat x8)

(Chorus A)
(Chorus B)

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