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by RedCloud

Album: Hawthorne's Most Wanted - Instrumental
by RedCloud

Verse 1
Writerís Block and RedCloud white clouds till jah turns the lights out
zen trippet on the lighthouse hittiní what they hearing right now
seize the day either way get the mics out and light crowds with the gifted city of the angelic spell it LA, bailing like-hey pass the relic and ditch the antics handing it slow see me trucking to LA but Iím from daygo sick of the price gouging gas sitting in traffic so I sold my stick shift for an automatic its that southern cali feel without the dropped top roll them windows down let your elbows get hot no- the beat wont stop mid city traffic like a parking lot so I walk the block, the unorthodox get off the pot fugitive from the barber shop.

Hawthorne Lawndale Inglewood all the way to Palmdale west coast definite best coast alive doing 120 on the 405 long beach paramount Carson all the way to Claremont put your dubbs up if you represent the fresh coast redcloud, zen and dannu are the hosts

Verse 2
corruption yeah utter it low keep it underground and low like its lottery dough Probably keep it to myself cause its hard to be broke
and Iím running outta ammo man I gotta reload Los Angeles thatís the name of my throne Thatís the place I was born a good place to get blown
a good place to go throw bows occasional po-pos Love LA, like Randy Newman, cruising with cholos Racking krylons at the Rodeum swap-meet
red black dogg pound a copy of mobb deep mobb up the 110 and 105 thatís the first time I saw my name in lights I remember when Chaka would rock the whole block up Conquered every city up until he got locked up So watts up brother from the gutter to hot tubs RedCloud writers block prepare to get socked up

Verse 2
cloak and swagger from the rhymes we tote its life on the path every time we spoke we living in dark times regardless of the shine lets pass our torch willingly we still got time lets climb to the top with some heartfelt flow fresh coast delivery intro or outro with or without dough I roll and touch Marks like Groucho and geno subtitles be loud No bus riders paradise pair of Nikes from Elaine to falco shoe store flows from my mouth glow next show cities all stars everywhere writers block in the air RedCloud in the air if you living on the west coast we piecing it there and we loving hip hop like we just donít care yeah the hard rockas the crowd shockas!

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