Death of a Salesman by RedCloud

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Death of a Salesman
by RedCloud

Album: Hawthorne's Most Wanted - Instrumental
by RedCloud

Verse 1 (Pigeon John)
they got lions, witches, pimps and hoes goblins stealing every black mans soul cause they know thereís a diamond in every coal and they wanna put the fire quick on Ďem nitro and Iím chilling in the stands sitting on my hands I wanna burn the whole thing down to the sand
and breakaway clan maybe in a benz or a busted out Tercel it all depends on my content no matter the continent they want sex drugs lies as a constant to keep their minds numb want a 5th of rum to vent but Iíve got to keep my head straight and not bent at all times were in the force field with land mines your gonna loose a part of your heart after this rhyme but who cares were going to hell right and thereís not a God in sight

Chorus (RedCloud & Pigeon)
ladies and gentlemen the death of a salesman lying in his own blood bring the pails in clean it up weíve got an audience nailed in
suspense well then give Ďem a show that theyíll never forget to tell them

Verse 2 Ė (Pigeon John)
I came to bring war- then bring peace let them both unleash on the streets the police say were insane but thatís hearsay when were in LA were the laughter and tears play freeways criss cross everybody cruise the curb thereís an amber alert out on Lucifer so I keep my lookout for the license plate Iím a bullet train lost trying to find his fate
I feel Iím certified to further the line go and raise the bar in hip hop the burden is mine so my life reminds me that I must remain
when I fall short stand up and try again with my head in the clouds cause Iím high on fame now my dreadlocks feel like a lions mane
prodigal sons and the runaway nuns the true quest has begun

Bridge Ė (Pigeon John)
we gain the world but we loose our soul were on the freeway but we pay the toll I know that we all heard this before ladies and gentlemen I donít wanna bore you

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