Hawthorne's Most Wanted by RedCloud

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Hawthorne's Most Wanted
by RedCloud

Album: Hawthorne's Most Wanted - Instrumental
by RedCloud

Verse 1 (Kurupt)
Fire starter marauder mental intusions got the nina ross aiming flaming at each illusion if its real its touched I cant decipher the difference all I know is my life can dissipate in less than an instant its allowed to duck RedCloud Hawthorne I was off of imperial and prairie to prairie and El Segundo I went to Leuzinger back then I reminisce when the Hawthorne mall and the Hawthorne six was all cracking 87 88 89 me Slick and Dre carried the weight Pig Bart Danny and Donte' Riding on these busters all day all day

Pre-Chorus Ė (Tonex)
Baby there ainít really nothing like the west coast gotcha 100 miles and running on the west coast ainít no future in your fronting on the west coast on the west coast on the west coast

Chorus (DJ Wise)
to the beat yall ya dont stop kurpt redcloud to the beat yall you dont stop on the streets of LA you must have heard of us

Verse 2 Ė (RedCloud)
Locking and loading homie Iím open for rolling em over looking over thier shoulder for me the son of Jehovah the no limit texas holdem' golden oldie for days Hawthorne first born pure blood south bay
LA homie- up and up and away 88 was the year that cloud put the pen to the page as my IQ grew so did my rhymes too jumped into Lil Watts and Hawthorne Piru Got jumped out too I went to Leuzinger high were the rumor was you would loose a finger or die either wringing your neck or coming to school with a tech hit the deck when bullets ricochet right by home ec awe heck what a young man would do for respect alondra park where the graff writers use to connect me and the homie hydroe and my boy sensei riding on these busters all day all day

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