GIRLGANG Freestyle by Relena-Rochelle, Tylynn, Mykiiie

Song Lyrics

GIRLGANG Freestyle
by Relena-Rochelle, Tylynn, Mykiiie

Album: GIRLGANG Freestyle - Single

Uh huh
Uh huh
Uh huh
Uh huh
Uh huh
Uh huh
Yeah Im set
Uh huh
I know I'm up next

Been birthing blessings
Like I'm in my third trimester
Lucy calling me
But I ain't answering like a bill collector
Tryna take a bite out of my style (Apple)
Tryna gas me up like I got the juice (Snapple)
They tryna compete so they panickin'
Asking me questions like imma panelist
They steady watchin' mannequin
I don't crack easily
They scramblin'
Makin' plays Hamilton
They don't know what they doin'
Like they under new management
In it for life
Like I just pledged
I've been running
The only time I'm stoppin is too stretch (no flex)
They try to play me but they never know what's next Pandora
They askin' me where I got it from
I just plug them into the source

Uh huh
Uh huh
Uh huh
Uh huh
Uh huh yeah
Uh huh yeah
Uh huh
Uh huh

Look, I rock like Chris
No fargo yeah
Got more lines then barcode yeah
They try to lock me out
No doubt
I kick that door like marshall yeah (I do)
Speakin' of Marshall
They want an encore
When they see how hard I am
I don't see the skill being equal to mine
I guess I'm not impartial yeah
Chillin' at the top of the mountain
I got balance like the goat
Call Tylynn
Get on track
Know I float
Usain Bolt
They gone try to be like I am
They need heimlich they all choke
I can't lie
You try mine
Noble tie
I'm at yo' throat (straight up)
And I'm so for real
No Mr. Phillips
When I kill 'em
You know it's nobigdyl
They bite
Cuz' runnin' more mics
I'm like Evander Holyfield
I leave a stain everytime I drop
Just like a soda spill
Show the skill hmph
I've been readin' numbers like accountant
Can't thirst me got the fountain
I done made so many connects
Imma bout to catch a bird out to Atlanta
No falcon
When it come to the truth it's like I'm on punishment
The way the girl been grounded huh
This the way God made me
You don't like it
Leave it the way you found me
Aye switch it up

Working on my feminine energy
Fam and friends wondering what's gotten into me
Been on a journey looking for the remedy
Dealing with pain from an internal injury
Learning to love myself ain't no offending me
Dipping and dodging on niggas who seem to be only concerned with the outer amenities
Healing & growth only thing that's concerning me Awh
We coming hard yea straight like that
I'm about my bag, and about my God, yea I fight hard like an Anglo Sax
Boomerang yea I go far but for the kids i come right back
Got my son, this generation and the city on my back yea
Yea we too for real
You already know who run the world mhm it's no big deal
You know the ladies taking over and we finna kill
Off every ego in the way so sorry for the spill
Bet you will
Been official hit you wit a tech
And we birthing nothing but the best
And you know we repping for the set
Hope you know you better come correct
If you can't be yourself hope you know that's lame
Ain't from no hood, but we do bang
The same team and we in this thang

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