Underdog by Roy Tosh, Aaron Cole

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Above The Water by Roy Tosh

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by Roy Tosh, Aaron Cole

Album: Above The Water

Hook: (Aaron Cole)
I ain't never gave up
Even when the bottom felt so lonely
They aint bettin' on us
We gotta grind it out our own way
They always laughin' at us now
But the W is coming
Going all 12 rounds
just in case you wondering
Betta not count me out, no
Betta not count me out, no
So give me your shot, yea
Get what you got, yea
We will not stop, yea
Better not count me out, no

I got blood on my face I got sweat in my eyes
Prolly been knocked down a couple of times
you know I don't trip it's just part of the grind
7 days straight I can sleep when I die you know it
Look into my eyes you could probably see a lion
Nothin' less than 100 or what's the point in even tryin'
We Got way too much heart to throw in the towel
Came way too far just to give up now
We don't believe in your math
They counted us out but they bout to count in us now
If we got a shot thats a free-throw
Watch us still beat em' thats without a cheat code
Keep all ya hate man that should be illegal
Watch me get the W, shout out all my people
Know that ya your haters always be a giant
We know that David always beat Goliath
They always underestimate the rookie
Came out of nowhere while they wasn't looking
We beat the odds they say that we couldn't
Give glory to God they say that we shouldn't
Keep doin the things that they said that we wouldn't
Underdogs we gon never stop runnin'


Pressin'; If you got breath to breathe than that's a blessing
Don't you ever let em bring you down
We won't ever let em bring us down
Gotta get up put both feet back on the ground
All 12 rounds we don't ever stop fighting
Taking off now we won't ever stop flying
All for the King praise God the Messiah
He gon keep us going even when we getting tired
Had some roadblocks and we know that more coming
Track stars. Jumping over em and keep running
Glory waiting for us at the end of the race
You gon get a crown it don't matter how you place
Lord knows we gon make it
Even though i know we facing a giant
Memba' ya know that David beat Goliath
There's Coming a day the enemy gon silence yeah he gon be quiet
Yes Lord
Fear all around but we don't fear none of that
Cuz we know the one who be running that
So we don't give up where's the fun in that?
U know we da


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