Day 1 by Roy Tosh, J Paul

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Above The Water by Roy Tosh

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Day 1
by Roy Tosh, J Paul

Album: Above The Water

Whats a prince with no princess?
They just getting fly girl you been fresh
Checkmate on all of my wishes
Make ya boy wanna clean all those dishes
What's beauty to a queen though
And girl you got me feeling' like The-Dream doe
Cuz shawty you a t...t...ten
Got me wanna hit the falsetto, I don't even sing doe
Girl thats true love, that's real love
When it get tough don't give up
That true love, that still love
The one you can't ever get rid of, yea
We ain't neva gon break up
You look good with or without your makeup
Cuz you was made in the image of the Maker
One of a kind no i never could replace ya, yea

Hook: (J. Paul)
I know that you know that I love you
Never, no never, I leave you
Babe don't you know that I'll be there
Bring it, bring it back, bring it bring it back, babe
I wanna love you, love you, love you
I wanna love you, love you like you need to be loved
I wanna love you, love you, love you
Bring it, bring it back
Bring it, bring it back, babe

Drove 12 hours to propose to ya
Climbed a mountain, gave a whole bunch of roses to ya
Cuz ya stayed down with me at my lowest
Even when I make ya heated girl you still the coldest
Lawd knows you the best
Know me better than I even know myself
And they say he who finds a wife finds a good thing
Well life pretty good right now if i could say so myself
I Love being with you on a monday or a tuesday or
A wednesday girl it don't matter
Take ya out on a thursday or a friday
And on the weekend we can chill if you rather
I don't mind tell me what you wanna do
We can do whatever I'll do it right now
Cuz how i was feeling for you came around,
It was getting dark but you bout the light now
This the real me talking, MVP with my last name
They day I met you girls' the day I played my last game
You the 2 point after the touchdown
Or some brand new wheels on the whip now
Whole world tryan tell me that I'm stuck now
Well that's fine by me baby what now
Any other dude trying he get shut down
Tell them boys that they outta luck now, girl you mine


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