Look At Me Now by Roy Tosh, Steven Malcolm, nobigdyl

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Remix - EP by Roy Tosh, GIDI

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Look At Me Now
by Roy Tosh, Steven Malcolm, nobigdyl

Album: Remix - EP

V1 (nobigdyl.)
Dilly for mayor , Dilly for prez
I don't do features unless it's really my best
Built my own business with just my blood and my sweat
and my tears and then elevated my peers I did it for them
That's why nobody motivate me like a hater could
Yea I just work for God and yea He pay me good
Yea I'm like Mr. Rogers to my neighborhood
Mayor callin' asking me if I could stay for good

Hook (Wes Writer)
I can see em' all frown on me
All they did was clown on me
Now I know my momma proud of me
Everybody talking down on me
But tell em' take a look at me now
Look at me now
Look at me now

V2 (Roy Tosh)
Popular for them 3's I drain
Quick first step when I drove that lain
Pull up J, make it rain
All about me I was chasin' fame
So gone at every party
Sprite plus lemon bacardi
Way turnt, blowin' trees with all my woes
But I had to let it all go to find my
Purpose now I'm living for His glory
So just know I ain't never lookn' back
Gotta family I'm tryna be the leader that they need
Be the daddy that they need, yeah


V3 (Steven Malcolm)
Okay, look at me now, look at me now
I preach on the beat, I'm living my dream, yeah yea
Come to think about it never knew I could
Aye, make it on out that hood
Do it for the kids I'ma be that voice
Runnin' for the line I'ma light that torch, yea yea
I shine like a Jesus piece
It don't take a lot to see
That He made a masterpiece yea, yea
My drip on a wave today,
Do it in a major way
Do it cuz He made a way


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