Never 2 Late by Roy Tosh

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Above The Water by Roy Tosh

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Never 2 Late
by Roy Tosh

Album: Above The Water

Chasin dreams'll leave you frustrated
You hearin' thoughts that you'll never make it
Its so close you feel like you'll catch it
But every time it's slipping away, away
You feelin' beatdown feel like you just hit your limit
Might take L now but yea soon enough you'll be winnin'
promise that pressure making a diamond
no don't you give up today, today
keep on grinding until it happen, focus just keep on pressin'
Dreams don't become reality doubtin' and second guessin'
Yea your mountain is great but keep climbing your called to greater
Be faithful with the little that He gave ya

Cuz we only got today
So get up outta bed now
Why you got ya head down?
Member what He said now
It's never too late, never too late

Cuz we only got today
So gotta give it 100
Ain't no need to run from it
Give it all you got
It's Neva too late


So just keep holdin' on, stay faithful through whatever
Cuz God can take your broken dreams and put em back together
But you so scared to fail watching time keep on fade away, away
And yea I been there, thats why I can tell ya
Fame don't make you successful, mistakes don't mean you a failure
Yea I know the remedy, when you can barely see
Jesus holding on and He control your destiny
So don't you be afraid
Go and spread your wings it's time to fly away
I promise you'll miss every shot you don't take
So don't' you waste another minute of your life cuz we only got today



Ayo we only got today, today
And just know it's never too late, too late,
go and give it all you got,
Give it all you got
Yea just know it's never too late, too late
Don't you be afraid of mistakes, mistakes
Go and give it all you got,
Give it all you got

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