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Above The Water by Roy Tosh

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by Roy Tosh

Album: Above The Water

Man I been through alot in the last year
Been up been down still right here
Bless up gotta get it every morning
Took a L bounced back still going in
Gotta learn how to smile when ya wanna frown
Gotta learn how to swim so you don't drown
Gotta learn how to trust even when you don't know
Neva give up when you want to doe
I know its getting hard and you tired crying you tired trying I know
Everything keep falling down just keep climbing and go
I know what you going' through cuz i been down before
Feeling' like you ain't got no hope, But God too good can't give up oh no

I been in my wrong mind
You been there the whole time
Guiding my way
You never leaving me alone now
I be putting on now
And I gotta say
Thank You, Lord
Thank You, thank You, Lord (2x)

What's the diagnosis? I been losin' focus
Tryna get away from my doubts but they keep on moving closer
Tired of all this bogus, tired of feeling hopeless
Tryna find me the right perspective to handle this emotion
Cuz everything you got can be taken you don't know
Almost lost my paps 5 times to the grave, man he shoulda been gone
I'm just learnin' to appreciate the little time that we get
Sendin' praise up to the Savior, cuz He's the only reason that we still here


Gotta hold onto this hope,
No matter what tomorrow will bring,
Just know your never alone, oh

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